New Make Reprise : Clockwork Orchestra’s “Mummer”

parallel pivot our new make into the realm of reprise … one part vintage (a proper crate dig pull), one part new make spin (musings in / of a first spin on the sonic blink), a voila! new make reprise … so, this tune’s … a bit more on the obscure side, but / and / so for the sake of a why not share, in the cadence of pop uncommon, those plays less perused … take a sip, and spin a spell — cheers : enjoi

:: Maker : Clockwork Orchestra :: Mark : Mummer :
: [ Friends Without Names ; 2012 ] ::

Clockwork Orchestra is the moniker of Dublin based songwriter, bedroom producer and control freak extraordinaire Paul Mangan (fka Irish oddball, Mango). His idiosyncratic brand of melody driven music juxtaposes hyperactive synth riffs, melancholic piano balladry and psychedelic string arrangements together to conjure up a strange land of musical toys and colourful characters. 

off-the-still sound feel : blueprint citrus symphonic … hailing from dublin, hearkening to a soundtrack of life cinematic – think one part lee mcqueen, one part arthur burgess, and a heavy dose of clockwork quirk … mcqueen said scotland “is marketed the world over as . . . haggis . . . bagpipes. but no one ever puts anything back into it;” so begat the tartan collection – plaid as the second coming of scotland’s pandora: the beauty and the bagpipe … burgess said his title a clockwork orange represents “… an organic entity, full of juice and sweetness and agreeable odour, being turned into an automaton” … and so in tempo, clockwork orchestra grants ireland a mythoromantic soundtrack to which they can toast … said sound builds from antiquated instrumentation, burgeons out into beautiful fruition, unfolding a simply structured, deceptively captivating cinemesonic scape … music that makes one’s ditlo well-worth projected display … it sounds turn of the century, with industrial revolution undertonality … unfurling in burgess-reverse, softening the factory standard, revealing the human pulse beneath erstwhile machine programming … stop motion mastery built upon snapped visual staccato and juxtaposing imagery, a live action exercise in exposing the beauty of still life in rhythm …

… if burgess-mcqueen is the sound, technicolor jacques copeau and étienne decrouxare are the sight … luminous simplicity, classically trained curiosity, maneuvers within the scenes, exuding the underpinning harmony in fluid fragmentation … creating color – wax and wick emanating light, producing necessity and whimsy, flora blossoming into full bloom … amidst monochromatic atmosphere and attire, immersing self in chromacity, abandoning lacquered past, revealing a palette pristine, adorned with stars and glitter … here, the human transcends their current condition, breaking beyond the physical confines of material reality through the art of their life’s work … as clockwork orchestra conducts a symphonic dialogue void of verbiage, vibrantly crafting a second realm code of sonic consciousness …

Watch This Space: A touch of the misunderstood, a taste of the organic beneath the manufactured, set upon the metronome of “always on, slightly off…” – just like a clockquirk orchestration…

:: Matchuration Station (Pair’d … with age) ::

:: Matchuration Station : :: so, this silo scene features a standard pairing (doble) from the vantage of: vintage lineage … complimentary songs with the sound feel of the signaturepiece, but make it progenitor progeny proximality … exhuming through exploration those precedent post-drift elements more prominently defined in tunes crafted from polar perspectives of our locus axiomatic … thus abstruced, let’s revo … ::

:: New Make Reprise : Mummer : Lineage Proximity :: · “Walk With Me” – Alice Coltrane · : · “Mummer” – Clockwork Orchestra · : · “My Comet” – Onra ·

so, this rhythmic lineage kinship camaraderie flows within the scope of … conjuring ashore a strange land’s idiosyncratic brand of melody driven music juxtaposing hyperactive synth riffs, melancholic piano balladry and psychedelic string arrangements manifest synesthetic dreamtime landscapes … alice coltrane walks alongside our more introspective coast of idiosyncrasy, in ivory key compass conversation with brushes of undertonal percussion, en route return to this tribe’s seraphic translinear light source … ebbing onward through our signaturepiece, the precocious locus pursed lips reprise that is a timepiece maestro’s mummer … flowing into coltrane’s diametric counterpart, that more hyperactive synth riffwork rooted in onra’s more francofunk psychedeliarrangement … where our clockwork texture takes a more cosmic approach … in active practical pursuit of future funk, upon soulful frequencies cresting betwixt astral echoes of dubstrumental groove … somewhere within said repertoire, from erstwhile ramshackle idiosyncrasy emerges cadence camaraderie of intrinsic harmony … or something to said effect … et repete ::

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