Trackphorism : “Vive A Dit”

:: Trackphorism : “Vive A Dit” ft. DJ Shadow, Teeko, Coldplay, Emeli Sande, Kendrick Lamar, Todd Rundgren, M83, Susanne Sundfør ::

rhythm :: concrete queries and cosmic replies with hollywood shepherds and sunset scribes c/o littlericky001; “God will it be a hollywood ending?” … “everything you want is a dream away.”

muse :: hold up, before we get started, guess who’s coming? turn your magic on, umi she’d say, everything you want’s a dream away … under this pressure under this weight, looking at the flashy lights and wonder – the price and number – viced by the glamorous ice, savant to unite with the hollywood twice, but eye can see, even when my vision’s impaired … a million old soldiers will fade away, a thousand true loves will live and die, many moons away, but still right here, when the end has come and buildings falling down fast, when everyone has lost their heads around us, gonna hold up half the sky and say, we all have our everyday hopes and fears, and you’ll find no exception in me, if we’ve only got this life, this is the day, this is our day, if we believe it, it will happen … your whole life is just a dream, do you remember? we are diamonds taking shape … i’m alive again, because my dream lives on forever … ::

:: now playing : “vive a dit” ::

:: Trackphorism : Vive A Dit : Found Features :: · “Best Foot Forward” (Teeko Remix) – DJ Shadow · : · “Adventure Of A Lifetime” – Coldplay · : · “Next to Me” ft. Kendrick Lamar – Emeli Sande · : · “A Mind Forever Voyaging” – High Contrast · : · “A Dream Goes On Forever” – Todd Rundgren · : · “For The Kids” ft. Susanne Sundfør – M83 ·

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