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“Vintage Reprise” (as the title alludes) revisits riffs, clips, columns and/or general commentary from the editorial archives … somewhere in the contextual realm of a rewind remind … or, quite literally, a vintage reprise … thus pretensed … onward into revisitation station … enjoi

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Vintage Reprise : Dirty Computer’s Crazy, Classic, Life

So, new silo on tap … expanding the bar repertoire a bit … “Vintage Reprise” (as the title alludes) revisits riffs, clips, columns and/or general commentary from the editorial archives … somewhere in the contextual realm of a rewind remind … or, quite literally, a vintage reprise … thus pretensed … onward into revisitation station the first … noggin jots musing about the musical stylings of a one ms. janelle monáe — avanti, alee, cheers, sante … enjoi

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:: Vintage Reprise : Crazy, Classic, Life [ fr. Yin Motif: The Cosmic BG-ROM Exhumes… Janelle Monáe’s Dirty Computer ] ::

Voices from the past echo through the anamnesis:

You told us, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal; and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; among these are life, liberty, and the—and the pursuit of happiness…”

Specious declarations of new world independence testify beneath aquatic synth and deep, pulsating bass; the inter-generational clarion call segues into Monáe’s own sovereign claim on behalf of this 21st Century iconoclass terra nova …

Vintage Reprise : Florrie – Live at Barfly Camden

Well, what have we here … a crate dig on the double, a revisitation station the second rhyme around … a so on, and co forth, etcetera etcetera, allusive iteration referencing our second installment of Vintage Reprise … round two exhumes a live fidelity aperçu, a precis glimpse into a day one indie pop stellar stalwart’s february 2012 showcase … so, without further ado, (re)fresh from the archives: florrie, live at barfly camden — as always, cheers … enjoi

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:: Vintage Reprise : Florrie Live at Barfly Camden (04 Feb 2012) [ fr. Live-Fi: Florrie – HMV’s Next Big Thing, Barfly Camden, London ] ::

Pop. Out. My. Ears. #yes

The Siren: Florrie Arnold

The Scene: Snow, ice, pints, and Summer Nights… on the outside: London’s first snow of the year, on the inside: the strobed sublime of HMV’s Next Big Thing — snow fall, and a highball under the disco ball make for a splendid sonic nightcap. 

Vintage Reprise : Spiceworld’s Never Give Up On the Good Times

Reprising the vintage, vintaging the reprise … and what a most charming spin, said revolution the thrice … spice force five on rotation station … so, colors of the world unite (if you like) for a brief bit of banter, causerie musing schoolyard daze of motley cruising … and, of the course, as always – in light of such occasions, however apparently deciduous in span / stature – a toast to the sublime experience of music in this life: cheers … enjoi

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:: Vintage Reprise : Spiceworld’s Never Give Up On the Good Times [ fr. TrapperKeeper: “Never Give Up On the Good Times,” Spice Girls ; 11.30.10] ::

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic… and sometimes, what’s old is new. Nothing says fresh and familiar like a TrapperKeeper – whether keeping the trap under control, or keeping daily assignments and doodles within the fold – one thing kidults could always count on to keep the world right was their trusty TrapperKeeper. Then, something happened: middle school was over and it was fast-forward to high school – higher education via the high life… kind of like childhood – all fun and games until graduation… kind of like adulthood – all fun and games until you lose yourself to make a living… kind of like life in the “real world” – all fun and games until the world says, “See, you play too much.”

What happened?  

Vintage Reprise :: Audiobiorhythmic : Punk Me Tender

And so, four this release, we reprise a vintage in the cellar realm of rebel romantic … and with that, without further ado, let’s get audiobiorhythmic … santé  — enjoi

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:: Vintage Reprise :: Audiobiorhythmic : Punk Me Tender [ fr. audiobiography: punk me tender ; 09.24.18] ::

The Audiobiography series invites artists to narrate the first-hand account of their lives (thus far) through soundtrack as score. A sonic signature in framework, fashion and function, Audiobiographies explore the lives of creatives through the universal language of music… that cosmic connective chord maintaining said constellation’s lived terrestrial tapestry animating this world.


The mysterious artist Punk Me Tender is known for his very graphic, raw form of art. … Like many artists, Punk Me Tender doesn’t have a strategy for his art. He only acts based on instinct and doesn’t follow any rules.

First things first:

Vinyl Cut Prose

(effectually: stream of consciousness conversational riffs with creative work in the world)

Punk’s pieces amplify guerrilla art’s definitive deviation from the established normative constructs in-and-of fine art convention. Compositions find harmony in the consummation between abstract and concrete… ultraviolet symphonic imagery evoking visceral engagement between feminine form and masculine technique. In a textbook term: Rebel Romanticism.

Mutinous matriarchs survey urban scapes through pastel-sprayed ocular veils, porcelain and onyx converge, femme frondeurs don monarch wings of triumphant metamorphosis; floral couture and chandelier corsets, shattered chrysalis shells trail beneath nocturnal parchment.

Vintage Reprise :: re:code.fm : La Roux’s La Roux

Reprise the fifth finds us reminiscing a refined yet robust vintage in the realm of red head redemptive rebirthed cool … in conversession with an unforgettable late-aught synthpop debutante canon … so with that, and without further ado: la roux … and and, as always, of the course : cheers — enjoi

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:: Vintage Reprise :: re:code.fm : La Roux’s La Roux (2009) [ fr. unforgettable, vol. 18: la roux – la roux ; 08.02.10] ::

… The definition and the uncertainty, the independence and the co-dependence, La Roux lives acutely in the ambivalent juxtapose.

“Tigerlily,” finds Elly Jackson’s vocals playing rhetorical recess in the realm of self-dialogic – verses anchored in aggro tonality:

They can sell it all they want, but you cannot agree; I don’t like the taste of their morality. You’ll find your bread and your butter where you fake it, and put your face in the gutter of a snake pit …

sparring in magnetic caprice with a more sibylline chorus:

And in the crush of the dark, I’ll be your light in the mist; I can see you burning with desire for a kiss – Psychobabble all upon your lips.

The underlying DnB pulse bolsters heavy parallel to erstwhile staccato snares and splashes of synth fx. “Tigerlily” echoes compass guidance as directive perspective by way of locus motif; it is hard and soft, active and passive … as Jackson states, in a most-gelid tone, “our communication is telepathy,” it’s as much a reflection of the artist, as it is their audience; in an age where banter is everywhere, perhaps the only way to truly communicate, express, and connect is without any words at all.

Vintage Reprise : Talk in Colour – Live at Floripa

So, for this house go ‘round, think we’ll serve up a rear-view (re)fresh mint spin from the archives … in the general couture sonic cocktail palatte realm of … auric colliderscopic … thus, with that, and without further ado : talk in colour, debut album launch, live from floripa shoreditch — the reprise innerview — as always, of the course : cheers … enjoi

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:: Vintage Reprise : Talk in Colour Live at Floripa (07 Jun 2012) [ fr. Night in the Sweyepe: Talk in Colour, Floripa, Shoreditch, UK ; 06.07.12 ] ::

Photo Credit : Lexy Takes Photos ( via Flickr )

The Siren Squad: Talk in Colour [ Kat Arney – Harp · Chris Bangs – Cello and Electronics · Mary Erskine – Vocals and Keyboards · Dave Oliver – Drums · Nick Siddall – Guitar ]

The Stump: With a growing reputation for blistering live shows combining dirty bass lines with impressive musicianship, Talk In Colour launched their new album, ColliderScope, with a party at Floripa in east London on Wednesday 23rd May. By turns dark then uplifting, slipping effortlessly between pure instrumentals and vocal driven tracks, Talk In Colour defy easy categorisation. It’s no surprise that the band cite influences as far ranging as Lamb, Battles, The XX and Berlin-era Bowie, with a nod to Afrobeat and Alice Coltrane along the way. Together, the band blends electronic and organic instrumentation into a blistering aesthetic.

The Scene: When East London met fogo de chao – not the churrascaria, but the fire on the ground: Floripa…

Vintage Reprise :: Leila Adu’s Martian Raft

Reprise the seventh … revisiting spooky adu’s interdimensional profession, an ode in the drift of dissent speaking to a future age … animating imagery in the realm of a not-too-distant midheaven … and so, with that, and without further ado … jump on board, take a ride, and, as always, of the course : cheers — enjoi

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:: Vintage Reprise :: Leila Adu’s Martian Raft [ fr. now prosing: leila adu’s “walk my road” and “martian raft” ; 04.05.11] ::

Dubbed “Spooky Adu” by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Joanna Newsom, PJ Harvey producer) who recorded her solo album, Dark Joan, “Leila Adu takes you on an aural journey that most progressive rock albums could only attempt.” Raised in New Zealand of Ghanaian descent, Adu has produced three acclaimed albums, written for and sung with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, toured extensively and had radio play in the UK, mainland Europe, the US, Australasia, Russia and the Far East.

Leila Adu has a distinct sound; one that, in its antiquity, forms a fresh estuary amidst the mainstream current. Adu’s sonic aesthetic reflects her own signature identity, blending indigenous sounds from the South Pacific and Ghana with tangibly fantastical instrumentation – an aural funhouse of ancillary glances and expanded perceptions. There’s a definitive sense of Steampunk flowing through Adu’s Factory Worker’s honorable eye (ear, rather) demeanor, as otherworldly themes coalesce with Victorian-tinged melodies. So below: take a listen at the old, the featured, and the new of the one Miss Leila Adu…

“Martian Raft”

Vintage Reprise : Lily Allen — Live at Buckhead Theatre

Reprise the eighth … finds our vintage echoing a seasonal vantage of no shame november … and so, with that, and without further ado, a revisitation in the realm of rhymes with silly allen’s peachtree scene showcase … and, as always, of the course : cheers — enjoi

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:: Vintage Reprise :: Lily Allen Live at Buckhead Theatre (Oct 17 2018) [ fr. Top 18: The Re-Up, Recoded :: No Shame Live ; 10.19.18] ::

The Scene: Lily’s setlist spanned eleven years of the Wordsworth of the MySpace Generation’s rhythmic discourses and dialogues by-way-of Pop lyricism; line by line, the audience retraced the footsteps and and soundtreks that led us through said decade of lucid chances… oscillating fame, and independent identity lost and found.

From sound and scene, to story and score, Lily’s No Shame Tour revisited those oft-overlooked elements of Millennial Pop’s twenty-something nostalgia. Somewhere, a skosh past the show’s halfway point, during an interlude ode to a most glorious slice of time – one which, admittedly, feels centuries further gone than a calendar would claim – it fell into place, that oddly-precise feeling of socio-sonic placement, that exact element of nostalgia…

Anyone here remember MySpace?

The collective scene evoked a sense of the Theatre stage’s momentary place as Lily’s living revival of the legendary MySpace page – but make it “now;” tunes, crews, riffs, rhymes and points-of-view… Top (1)8 :: The Re-Up: re-coded.

New Make Reprise : Clockwork Orchestra’s “Mummer”

parallel pivot our new make into the realm of reprise … one part vintage (a proper crate dig pull), one part new make spin (musings in / of a first spin on the sonic blink), a voila! new make reprise … so, this tune’s … a bit more on the obscure side, but / and / so for the sake of a why not share, in the cadence of pop uncommon, those plays less perused … take a sip, and spin a spell — cheers : enjoi

:: Maker : Clockwork Orchestra :: Mark : Mummer :
: [ Friends Without Names ; 2012 ] ::

Clockwork Orchestra is the moniker of Dublin based songwriter, bedroom producer and control freak extraordinaire Paul Mangan (fka Irish oddball, Mango). His idiosyncratic brand of melody driven music juxtaposes hyperactive synth riffs, melancholic piano balladry and psychedelic string arrangements together to conjure up a strange land of musical toys and colourful characters. 

:: On Tap : Vintage Reprise : Rotation Station ::

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