Vintage Reprise : Leila Adu’s Martian Raft

Reprise the seventh … revisiting spooky adu’s interdimensional profession, an ode in the drift of dissent speaking to a future age … animating imagery in the realm of a not-too-distant midheaven … and so, with that, and without further ado … jump on board, take a ride, and, as always, of the course : cheers — enjoi

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:: Vintage Reprise :: Leila Adu’s Martian Raft [ fr. now prosing: leila adu’s “walk my road” and “martian raft” ; 04.05.11] ::

Dubbed “Spooky Adu” by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Joanna Newsom, PJ Harvey producer) who recorded her solo album, Dark Joan, “Leila Adu takes you on an aural journey that most progressive rock albums could only attempt.” Raised in New Zealand of Ghanaian descent, Adu has produced three acclaimed albums, written for and sung with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, toured extensively and had radio play in the UK, mainland Europe, the US, Australasia, Russia and the Far East.

Leila Adu has a distinct sound; one that, in its antiquity, forms a fresh estuary amidst the mainstream current. Adu’s sonic aesthetic reflects her own signature identity, blending indigenous sounds from the South Pacific and Ghana with tangibly fantastical instrumentation – an aural funhouse of ancillary glances and expanded perceptions. There’s a definitive sense of Steampunk flowing through Adu’s Factory Worker’s honorable eye (ear, rather) demeanor, as otherworldly themes coalesce with Victorian-tinged melodies. So below: take a listen at the old, the featured, and the new of the one Miss Leila Adu…

“Martian Raft”

In a Blink : “Martian Raft” sails along like an intergalactic acoustic lullaby. There’s an undeniable extraterrestrial feel as Adu makes the most of the ever-elusive, yet ever-enveloping negative sonic space. The lone keyboard emphasizes Adu’s vocals, echoing the expansive sense of minimalism beneath the deft-yet-dainty keystrokes. Even though the track holds only a keyboard in its instrumental arsenal, the notes play along as if from the indexes of a prodigy – effortlessly masterful, with a unbeknownst-to-thee sense of humble whimsy. Adu’s voice navigates the listener through the narrative, guiding but not imposing direction… still, there remains the innate intangible connection to the tune’s hypnotically simplistic human chord progression… childlike in an awestruck way… wonderful.

Sounds Like : Interstellar spoken word socio-scaped lullaby … mnemonic melodic message in a bottle rocket

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