New Make Spin : Róisín Murphy’s “Sow Into You”

and sow it grows … new make’s round three with musetress murphy … sláinte — enjoi :

:: Maker : Róisín Murphy :: Mark : Sow Into You ::
[ Ruby Blue ; 2005 ]

Hi there, lyrical soul … just down to get carried away … but there’s nothing left to say … except, how marvelous murphy’s law of creation … maestra of this harvest seasonal symphonic manifestation …

off-the-still sound feel : danceteria demeter … bound to get carried away … yokes and spokes turn timbres of a new whirled el dorado, oracular spectacular grains of grassroots fed organic disco … post eden … when all of heaven’s bliss … is in this perfect kiss … reign down sun tsunami … and sow it grows … bucolic boogie … beat drop into crop rotation … shepherdess bred fertile crescent terra nova … donna quixote, sewing melodies ‘twixt and ‘tween, milling about zephyr temples in gestating serenity … sow in too, into ewe … the soil of a lyrical soul’s visceral self … somewhere faerie princess and gaelic chieftess … post eden, past splintered ribs, boast arcadia, gaia-bound berth of a most divine compliment … murphy’s law of creation … will into desire, instill and transpire … sound wave flow into high tide frequency … flourish in the climate shift, lush orchard of love’s abundance … sow in two, into groove … pendulum rainsticks … beckon overcast breakthrough, dew-kissed dusk of the dawn, cue the choreo … in harmonious waves and torrents of harvest seasonal cycling … tempestuous tempos of an eternal courtship’s marathon stride … all the elements cultivated in concert, to bring cosmic love to terranean life … rainforest in shangri-la … an outback’s hidden oasis … cadence of sheer creation … consider the sound of the sea to be part of your body … feel the soil take form in your hands, breathe life into burgeoning savannas of heretofore sedimentary sands … animate invisible, break through static doldrum in alchemical arpeggio … unlock the canopy, dance of the deluge witnessing pursed lips reply … from a mossy stone’s throw upon the clay wheel … so a siren manifests ceramic sidereal … stellar crux confidant realized, brought to fruition in the cardiac valley of said dreamer’s field … danceteria demeter … just a lyrical soul’s annual hymnalmanac …

:: Matchuration Station : Pair’d (with age) ::

:: Matchuration Station … so, this silo scene features a standard pairing (doble) from the vantage of: vintage lineage … complimentary songs with the sound feel of: the signaturepiece, given a few seasons – off the still, in the barrel, on the shelf – to exhume those underlying elements more prominently defined in the swath of a distillation stationed self … a pair of flavor/feel progenitors, perhaps … ::

:: New Make Spin : Sow Into You : Lineage Playlist :: · “I Can’t Stand The Rain” – Ann Peebles · : · “Sow Into You” – Róisín Murphy · : · “Holding On” ft. Sam Dew – Julio Bashmore ·

so, here … this pairing basks in the contextual conceptual casks of … funk house base notation station … ann peebles felt downbeat ruler funk groove mater … echoes of rosewood rocking chair gazing across desolate vineyard acreage … brooding in the wake of drought, on the brink of sowing season, just before pendulum perspective breaks through that window pane, embracing the taste of rain, capturing ruby blue’s kiss of life aquatic … and julio the bashmore … that ministry of sound echelon of auric ancestry … Holding On exhumes crosscurrents of dew kissed cosmic debris windy city house papacy … the sheer depth on that dauntless passion yearning soul boogie … tune musing on a mission … balancing out peebles’ crimson slow burn ruby crooning hues with a drift romantic’s sapphire twist on some kind of rhythmic bluetiful … and some where at the embryonic crux … róisín’s new make groves abloom

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