Trackphorism : “Alaurosolaboros, in Verse”

:: Trackphorism : “Alaurosolaboros, in Verse” ft. Thievery Corporation, Orion Sun, Muse, Sarah Longfield, Simian Mobile Disco, Mildlife, Brittany Howard ::

rhythm :: evolution revolution, left out on the flight side of cyclical literacy … dovetailing hawkeyes with justice of the peace … godspeed, gilded cage coal mine guardian of the crimson corner pocket onyx goldenrod scene, avant garde … the only way is onward ever upward … in deflyance of normative gravity . . . c/o obey giant, “one way ➡️ ”

muse :: do you applaud fear … do you hold it near … afraid to live your life … the way i perceive … in my arms, i’ll catch you … you’ll see … in my dream, i’ll catch you … birds gave up, trying to wake me up, i slept straight through the morning … all these distractions… no, eye don’t feel i could ever be myself around them … my heart beats like bird wings, and i never knew love, was something eye dreamed of so much … eye know i’ve seen it before, and it’s so clear to me … eye found my destiny, i found my missing piece safe, and sound with me … she burns like the sun, and eye can’t look away … and she’ll burn our horizons, make no mistakes … come, let the truth be shared, no one ever dared, to break the endless lies … secretly she cries, endless circles, all in cycles … cycles, surround me … where to, all your worries … taken along downstream, by the river, didn’t take very long to catch on the rhythm … what will become, on a course to the unknown? the current is strong … tell me, what will become … ? i mean, i’ve already been, i came and went, i washed my hands with it … pull me in, ooh … history repeats and we defeat ourselves — one more time again … history repeats and we complete ourselves … come on, everybody, one more time again … you’ll see, heaven’s gonna burn your eyes … once sublime again … history repeats and we reprise ourselves, again …

now playing :: “alaurosolaboros, in verse”

:: Trackphorism : Alaurosolaboros, in Verse : Found Features :: · “Heaven’s Gonna Burn Your Eyes” – Thievery Corporation · : · “Birds Gave Up” – Orion Sun · : · “Sunburn” – Muse · : · “Cycles” – Sarah Longfield · : · “Remember In Reverse” – Simian Mobile Disco · : · “Downstream” – Mildlife · : · “History Repeats” – Brittany Howard ·

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