Rhyme Cellar, v. 2 : “Time Party” (2020)

Rhyme Cellar, Verse 2 :: “Time Party” … no pretense-pretense … just microdosing muse and grooves … linguistically speaking … cheers, salud, sante, and, of the course, without further ado …

Time Party” — Hen Ogledd (Free Humans, 2020)

Writers : Hen Ogledd (Dawn Bothwell, Rhodri Davies, Richard Dawson, Sally Pilkington) · · Producers : Hen Ogledd, Sam Grant

Artist : Hen Ogledd
Vintage : 2020
Album : Free Humans
Label : Domino
Region : Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Varietal / Blend : Electronica / Indie Pop, Experimental

:: Primer ::

:: This one … truly a stumbled-upon-shuffled-up-on-the-radar play … the album art caught my eye on a browse through the “feels like just yesterday, surreals like but a dream” remains-only-in-a-niche-collective-memory’s-museum (and, likely, by general process and procedure, cache in the great silicon coded elsewhere) trove known proximally as the leek monarchy … and having delved further into said liberation station as proclaimed through titular nomination, i procured said album for spin play at leisure — and possibly, eventual necessity ( the humans will be freed, whether in the immediate or extended eventually … and when said release ensues: amplify these tunes ) … anyhaps … long story slightly abbreviated, Time Party shuffled to the surface in a recent session … and, upon deep blink resonance, an oddly striking soul-level synchrony, i decided why not cellar said rhyme for the palatte profile record … thus ::

:: On the Palette/Palate · Profile ::

:: On the front, it feels … “post” (and yet simultaneously, fresh — like a copper-mugged palate-cleanser) … on the one hand, Bjork … on the other, antecedent … post, industrial … post, modern … post, apocalyptic … post, genre … post, “post” … but / and in that it tastes “proximal” … it feels cyclical … Time Party exists in its own edification of a space void of twain … building a base contextualized by residential rhythms of its own discotheque denizens … it tastes like calypso clockwork lychee fruit … comrade hen’s cavalcade of anachrony … it feels littoral … steampunk cruise-liner coasting along primordial grooves …

mid-palate approaches the mantra manifesto shores of ogledd’s isle of misfit noise …  the flavor profile elevates and now we’re getting our prole on …

Shrink the economy
The economy is shrieking!
Leave your wallet
In your pocket
On love steam!

I need you to help me through
Pan the views through the news
I feel you coming to
Get over here, no time to lose!

Party Time
Free your mind
It’s time to let off steam
Time to remember your dreams

… after hours, we fight the power … solidarity fueled by love steam, dreamtimers sing it into existence : teamwork makes the dream work … break banks and get up on the boogie down …

as the great elastic inevitable emerges, the finish feels … nebulous … but / and intentionally so … a descent into kitchen sink gumbo goulash with visions of an ambrosia future … the motley medley converges into a proper melange … it feels … proto jazz birthed from a synth skeleton’s fossil phantoms … all coastal colliderscopic somewhere though … bona fide ace for those undeterred by an acquired taste ::

:: Pairings ::

:: Bit more straight-no-chaser format flow with the plating of complimentary pairings here … no specified pretense or thematic segments … contextually, it’s just your classic run-of-the-still slate sampling …

that said … as far as said constituency … just went with blink vibes and what felt proximally aligned … which, broadly sensitized … realmed in the spherical frequency of … unstructured liberation syncopation … off-kilter subterranean altern-could-be-qualified-as-dance music that unequivocally moves you … the manifest-something-symphonic-from-inherently-melancholic genesis of genuine disco … however said manifestation translates, that alchemical source remains anchored across the selections within said playlist’s source plane … so, that contextual confusion conveyed … thus :

· ·

Rhyme Cellar : Time Party :: Pair’d Playlist : · “Can I Get Get Get” – Junior Senior · “Severed Head” (feat. Goldlink and Unknown Mortal Orchestra) – Gorillaz · “International Love Affair” – Keleketla! / Coldcut · “Time Party” – Hen Ogledd · “Ruby Blue” – Róisín Murphy · “All Wet” (feat. Siriusmo) – Mr. Oizo · “Nightcap” – Ursula 1000 ·

· ·

… so, off the jump: junior senior … the most immediate auric association upon first revisit spin were these two dapper danes … and Can I Get Get Get … something felt so intrinsically synonymous on the surface and at the depths … like, somewhere in the shadows of a middle school mixer’s dj pulpit, these two tunes would be dancing their dags off, living their funky-fresh-dressed-to-impress-from-the-silhouettes lives … onward,

Severed Head … second current felt gorillaz plastic beach sonic aesthetic … just, very much in that sensory scope … regardless of immediate tracklist confines, gorillaz felt aligned … so i went adrift with my mind, following echoes of an unknown mortal orchestral aurelian link bassline … it’s all ineffable, but Severed Head for the sake of sheer situational ambience i suppose …

ough, International Love Affair … keleketla! and coldcut … a whole top shelf segue transit … eases into collective elevation from decapitated depression … human liberation emerges and amplifies on the rhythms of living percussion … it breathes in communion and taps into potential eternal … i just love it, as a percussionist, as a person, just wondrous … and, it felt complimentary …

and then, center stage: Time Party — thus … onward

Ruby Blue … the vocals just, again, on the blink resonance: róisín … narrative sequence begins to gain a sense of definition in the otherwise atmosphere-as-conceptual framework here … post, peak … post, summit … first spin toward the last call … the b-side second wind … and then, monsieur oizo …

originally, i heard Your Liver in the back of my mind amidst the revisit spin … but All Wet felt more “of the room” within an unidentifiable capacity … so it is and thus we are … added an album sampler to the playlist on account of overarching unstructured cacophonous cornucopia leitmotifs … and, of the course, after a deluge: the Nightcap …

undertones of Time Party felt quite ursula 1000 … and in context of the incumbent sequence of complimentary samplings … Nightcap felt on the level … to capstone a sound stage story board generally soundtracking an underground fete d’bezel … ::

:: Impressions ::

:: First and lasting impressions : whew … proxapocalyptic luau … subterranean solidarity pop …

Hen Ogledd manages to hold both the tragedy of the wrongs happening in the world, and a sense of hope and liberation, in their hands at the same time.

… arcade catamaran international waters discotheque crafted from repurposed scaffolding and scrap metal from a dismantled factory warehouse …

Listen to it and you might just glimpse something like tree-consciousness. Listen to it and different layers and membranes and atmospheres will reveal themselves.

… sonic genesis so deeply rooted in pure juxtapose … it really just captures the auditory receptors with blink immediacy and blossoms into full guillotine-the-gilded bloom …

This is not background music. It was made at a Lagrange point—the zone between the moon and the earth where gravity is cancelled out—so what you hear is the push and pull between structure and chaos, refinement and accident. Contradiction is the name of the game.

i like it … it’s got lifted-and-gifted-on-universal-consciousness-but-built-to-battle-for-mother-earth moxy … it lingers … like a faerie land foghorn, of love steam revolution ::

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