Rhyme Cellar : “Slow” (2003)

Bit of a template shift … for the sake of why not … testing out the sea legs, navigating akashic record sound waves from the scope of a scribe songelier of sorts … the “Rhyme Cellar” flavor palette/palate profiles musical selections from the archive crates and/or contemporary currents … particular observations on first spins and/or fond recollections … first up: an unassumingly ironclad subpop canon signature … (and, as always, of the course: santé, salud, cheers — enjoi)

Slow” — Kylie Minogue (Body Language, 2003)

Writers : Minogue, Dan Carey, Emiliana Torrini · · Producers : Carey, Torrini, Sunnyroads

Artist : Kylie Minogue
Vintage : 2003
Album : Body Language
Label : Festival Mushroom / Parlophone
Region : London, UK
Varietal / Blend : Pop / Electro, Synth, Minimal

:: Primer ::

:: I feel like i first ( over ? ) heard this song at some point in my tween / adolescent years … but not ostensibly … more like ships in the night … i remember never being privy to the details … the singer, the song title, literally anything save the melodies … but that bassline was/is apparently endemic to my music genome … and, as such, that rhythmic dialect, that body linguistic forever lingered within the recesses of said auric anatomic’s pop palette … fast forward eighteen years of music maturation and bam : disco tv brought the orbit complete … thus, dots having been connected : so it is and here we are … easter record referential renaissance from a delphic nouveau disco genesis ::

:: On the Palette/Palate · Profile ::

:: Structurally speaking : electropop, synth-pop, minimalist blueprint … definitive mid-tempo pacing with purpose, 115 BPM executed to where a listener can feel the surgical precision in sequential intention … wide lens, scoping out …

lyrically speaking : the noted push-pull pulsating time-space collapse / dissolve piques with clear presence … via ironclad canon bars, to boot :

you know what i’m saying, and i haven’t said a thing — keep the record playing …

#bam : so right … “instrumentally” (if that’s even a word within this capacity ? ) speaking : oscillation station … magnetic electric … basilisk boomerang … thermionic telepathic · · ·

fringe twentieth century inspired electro / synth pop blend … minimalist approach within the techno wave style alcove … rhythmic genome lingering between skeletalism and massification … a clean umami with undertones of stellar ephemera … less-is-more noir mezcal with an unidentified twist on the rim … dangerous dose of negative spacial …

intrasonic consummating evolution from skeletal to massif prevails within said rubik’s sphinx depth perception … the unassuming volume within apparent void saturates a palette in mulitsensory mercurial quicksand … spartan electro techno synth pop — but lace it with rhythmic blues ::

:: Pairings ::

:: Proximal playmates for the proverbial playground of one’s aural palette … generally speaking, quite literally a coupled pair of records to prelude / post-script compliment the focal composition … tl;dr : songs in various contexts to play and partner with Slow ::

Prelim Primer : Live from X 2008 Tour :: A primer pairing from the perspective of : “a version to compliment the realized potential of maximalist breadth contained within a heretofore minimal blueprint — thus” … this iteration cases the sonicscape and runs the gamut … pair this adrenaline crescendo with the original for a vantage in living verve of the record’s sheer vista …

… amplify studio boomerang with bona fide arena bombast … cosmic caprice actualizes in this setting … lyrical dialogue becomes immediate conversation between the muse and niche mass … the energy edifies human electricity capturing currents … ebbing from electroshock, flowing into trap transits, pivoting inverse descent through a free fall finale … again, pair for the vantage, for the sake of sheer voluminous spectrum

· ·

Auric Adjacent / Taste Buds : “I Can Be” · ( Slow ) · “Loose Wires / Blink Radio” :: Let’s … pivot the pairing scope to proximal narrative frequencies … sonic synonymous compliment compositions … no objective science to this pillared duality, i just rummaged about the aural archives from the general pov of supergroup dynamics … ( e.g. “what songs would buddy up nicely with Slow at the lunch table / playground of pop sonic life?” ) … on a blink: thus

… needless to say, aaliyah and kenna felt tailor-made for a terset mixtape playdate … the broad stroke narrative sequence here is something along the lines of : aaliyah’s swarovski clear vantage regarding a partially-obstructed triumviromance, seguing into kylair’s premeditated club lounge-but-never-lapse-in-judicious-action outing, culminating into a neat-no-chaser echo reverb c/o kenna :

It’s written on your face now,
you wanna be my muse …
No resume necessary,
you’re too too too adorable not to be like all the others —
Loose wires!
We have a connection unlike anyone,
Loose wires!
Positive and negative’s been undone

Isn’t it electric in here?
I wanna know what it’s about,
Isn’t it amazing in here?
I wanna know what you’re about …

… i mean, if nothing else, lyrically speaking : a whole proper match fit … magnetic electric, innit! … and on account of frequencies … these three just feel undercurrent kinetic voltaic catalytic conversion ekg (electrocardiography kinesthetic groove) & b(lues … clues) … pair up for the sake of star-crossed hypnotic synthphonic

post-script pivot : in immediate retrospect, Slow could also helm the brigade nicely here … with I Can Be second-act-anchoring the trilogy … and of the course, Loose Wires blink radioing into a fireworks finale … but ultimately, mix and match at your leisure

· ·

In House : “Kiss of Life” ft. Jessie Ware · ( Slow (Extended Mix) ) · “Say Hey” :: Slight focal reframe here … pairings to develop a proximal sensibility within the immediate artist’s repertoire … keeping within the scope of sonic narrative symbiosis …

Kiss of Life preludes with a dose of disco levity to balance bassline gravity … here, it’s about the intro expound — in order to shrink into minimalist mid-tempo, one must first allow said self to expand … groundswell the synth … curvature the angular … exude distant ephemera in the immediate … dance with the dialogic … get conversessional with it … then, center the scene with our signature centerpiece (the more you slow : cue the rainbow) … finally … exhume subconscious symphonic …

lunar hop tripnotic … dose up on the deep nocturne of an impossible princess’ boomerang dreamtime escapade … basically, Say Hey is just a very good song for what it is … subterranean cosmoquatic rem cyclical whisper elixir … the negative spacial exaltation alone is worth the spin, for the sake of: “this exists as reference that you can indeed craft this if you so choose” … so, within and without Slow contextual … Say Hey: hello and good evening, pneumatic dreaming

· ·

Coverlaboration / Range Spectrum : Chemical Brothers Remix · “Fashion” · Live Hybrid (Graham Norton / Infinite Disco) · “Love to Love You Baby” · Abbey Road Sessions Iteration :: Scope on this one is simple, closing out the palette primer with a focus on the song’s iterative range spectrum …

crate dug through the cover / mash-up crew and selected a pair of echelon tunes … top shelf comrades from the sampled slate of existing collabs, and a couple of anthologic reinterpretation stations … traipsing about the crystal grid radio waves

:: Impressions ::

:: First and lasting impressions … from the top-line, overarching “sensory and sensibility” takeaway : Masterclass in How to Body a Blueprint · · · fundamentally, what stands out most prominently on the palate is Slow’s exquisite mid-tempo precision … a synth-driven skeleton more refined than rigid, more attenuated than atrophied, deceptively intentional in the minimalist advance to its immersive end game … the kinetic cadence between lyrical and instrumental edifies its human symphonic leitmotif — the rhythmic harmony between individuals as proximal melodies in this cosmic terrain of ariose energy … and in Slow’s keen awareness, this composition’s mid-tempo precision defines its lasting impression … a signature tune that maintains as it matures, in its maturation … within the immediate record, a skeletal genesis evolving in expansion from unilateral linear to oscillating echo reverb expound … on the broader plane, a canon subpop standard whose cross-hybrid genomic symphonic courts bowie, summer, the prodigy, chem. brothers, and so on and co. forth … whose structural reimaginings gallivant the gamut from echelon amplification to stripped down acoustic resignation … still, and always, though: definitively “Slow” … the pneumatic metaphysical cosmic hypnotic out-of-body linguistic … a museprint blueprint rhythmic literacy lede ever manifesting into a crescendo, playing eighteen eons and counting, and still yet to peak … ::

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