Rhyme Cellar : “Slow” (2003)

Bit of a template shift … for the sake of why not … testing out the sea legs, navigating akashic record sound waves from the scope of a scribe songelier of sorts … the “Rhyme Cellar” flavor palette/palate profiles musical selections from the archive crates and/or contemporary currents … particular observations on first spins and/or fond recollections … first up: an unassumingly ironclad subpop canon signature … (and, as always, of the course: santé, salud, cheers — enjoi)

Slow” — Kylie Minogue (Body Language, 2003)

Writers : Minogue, Dan Carey, Emiliana Torrini · · Producers : Carey, Torrini, Sunnyroads

Artist : Kylie Minogue
Vintage : 2003
Album : Body Language
Label : Festival Mushroom / Parlophone
Region : London, UK
Varietal / Blend : Pop / Electro, Synth, Minimal

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