Ep. 2 :: Pop Shelf : Scene Berets

episode … deux … three or four months in the making … roaming, rambling, ruminating, reminiscing … above beyond beneath about the surface and depths of conceptual theory by way of vaguely guided touring through a cerebral museum’s memory … all of that is to say … this episode is the compilation of audio clips / self dialogic spanning the course of three or four months … extensive and then some … illegible by most conventional standards … but published for the sake of: it exists, and occurred, within a (sur)real capacity … likely the last episode in this form … in the interest of time, space, principle, practice, and purpose … so, given said non-pretense … the long-pour labyrinth


On Tap :: Build : Pop Shelf · Blend: Scene Beret

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Ep. 1 :: The Museprint: Pop Shelf Canon Kids

a voilà: the karioke bar, welcome on in

[ pours prologue apertif ] just a bit of debut episodic pretense prologue lede to contextualize the subsequent … this venue, the site itself, is a space for human connection through the record collection, and everything that entails … as this is a “bar,” with rhythm and muse on tap, said scope is effectually the episodic format — simplicity.

episodes are built around a setlist, a slate, a collection of music selections — the standard build being the pop shelf (top shelf selections —  a curation of album, single, album track, etc. check the menu below for the full slate); audio video discotheque terset format … museprint blueprint … i just had to craft a signature something for the standard episodic template … thus.

the build is the format, the blend is the curated slate of featured selections … focusing on the immediate, we’re kicking it off with the canon kid blend — pop shelf on echelon nostalgia.

notes on syntax :: generally speaking, the tempo : the karioke bar is a space for conversession, as the root of human connection through record collection … rhythm and muse on tap is just that … the conversation between music and the muses it inspires and motivates … and the muses who channel said manifestos through music interpretation … so the tempo, the way i do this is, quite literally, i riff into a recording device, and i transcribe that stream of consciousness … so, the episodes will read much akin to said methodology, a crystal radio program transcription … as i have a somewhat signature cadence tempo — preemptive disclosure on the ifs and whens of said riffs reading like juggernaut sequences of quasi-linguistic detours … either way, it’s a bit causerie, but it’s stream of consciousness flow mode … and punctuation serves a primarily sartorial function.

tl;dr : episode one karioke bar signature pop shelf build test press canon kid blend stream of consciousness format verbatim transcription with a bit of tightening for clarity but context is right in the flow of *gestures immediately at proximal* signature tempo

all of that is to say welcome to the karioke bar … rhythm and muse on tap … human connection through record collection … standard builds and signature blends in free flow conversession  … keep calm and karioke bard: cheers, kids.


On Tap :: Build : Pop Shelf · Blend: Canon Kid Mix

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