Trackphorism : “Chandancelier’s Nocturnaurora”

:: Trackphorism : “Chandancelier’s Nocturnaurora” ft. T. Rex, Arcade Fire, FKA twigs, Rufus Wainwright, Florrie, Lianne La Havas, MS MR ::

rhythm :: elysian sets with elevated silhouettes, to the universe belongs the dancer c/o punk me tender

muse :: i danced myself out of the womb, is it strange to dance so soon? living in an age, younger than i am broken, i dance feelings like they’re spoken; but my body is a cage, that keeps me from dancing with the one eye love, so my conversation’s not enough, yet my mind holds the key … living in an age, forever to be wandering the wall, looking for what to see, your masquerade in a waterfall … and i wanna control myself, but it’s all that eye know, living in an age, whose name eye don’t know, and i wanna control myself, but eye can’t let go … dancing myself into the tomb, but then again, once more, i hear the sirens, eye hear the sirens, i hear the sirens, coming back for more … when i’m high, when i’m blue, reaching out for something out of reach: set my spirit free, set my body free … waiting for the fog to drift away, as the earth breaks, letting the light in, it falls inside your beat … when eye cry, now i’m free; a sour flower, living in an age that laughs when i’m dancing, with the one eye love … so you can find me dancing on my own, working out just how to find my way, as hard as it may be; but i liken it to a balloon, dancing myself out of the womb … ::

:: now playing : “chandancelier’s nocturnaurora” ::

:: Trackphorism : Chandancelier’s Nocturnaurora : Found Features :: · “Cosmic Dancer” – T. Rex · : · “My Body Is a Cage” – Arcade Fire · : · “Pendulum” – FKA twigs · : · “Damsel in Distress” – Rufus Wainwright · : · “Wanna Control Myself” – Florrie · : · “Sour Flower” – Lianne La Havas · : · “Dark Doo Wop” – MS MR ·

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