Rhyme Flight, Deck 7 : “Vanguard 71”

This whimsical cavalcade, spinning in the proximity of … 71 beats per sixty second rotations … or something to said contextual effect … i actually really like how these four flow together … something hidden kinship camaraderie about this quartet’s collective undercurrent … something avante alee intended for the imminent future age brigade … anyhaps, with that and without further ado … vanguard 71 rhyme flight crew … deck the we should be so lucky number seven : godspeed, enjoi

: : Rhyme Flight, Deck 7 : “Vanguard 71” :
: [ Relative Thread : Terset Crate, ~71 bpm* ] : :

· : : “Vanguard 71” Pilot Fleet : Recs On Deck : : ·
RecordArtist (Vintage)Album; Label
“Starstruck”Santigold (2008)Santogold ;
Downtown Records
“Fearless” ft. Nadia RoseMelanie C (2020)Melanie C ;
Red Girl Media
“Snakeskin”Rina Sawayama (2020)SAWAYAMA ;
Dirty Hit
“Superheroes”Daft Punk (2001)Discovery ;
Virgin Records

· · ·

: Flight Taste Note Referentials :
ModalityDescribes intensity and energy in music
ValenceDescribes the spectrum of emotions in music
(e.g. sad, happy)
DepthDescribes intellect and sophistication in music
TextureDescribes sensory “feel” of music
(e.g. organic / natural, processed / engineered)
PhysiqueDescribes build, body, silhouette of music
(e.g. minimal, full ; angular / rigid, contouring / elastic )
EvocationDescribes experiential or conceptual resonance brought forth in music
(e.g. any elemental, essential, emblematic associations)

“Starstruck” — Santigold (2008)

Modality ( intensity / energy )Downtempo
Valence ( emotional spectrum )20/20 Disillusion
Depth ( sophistication / intellect )Lucid perception ; post-conventional Depth
Texture ( sensory “feel” )Lo-Fi Fraughtnetic ; Disparate Distortion
Physique ( body, build, silhouette )Atrophy bodied, spasmodic build, stellar runoff silhouette
Evocation ( experiential / conceptual resonance )Lime light prize fight, illadelphonic vs l.e.s. hipstartistes … sky gazing gully funk … post-phaser cosmic drifted … footnotes from the other side, curtain calling card c/o inner world nemesis

· · ·

“Fearless” ft. Nadia Rose — Melanie C (2020)

Modality ( intensity / energy )Buoyant downtempo
Valence ( emotional spectrum )Intrepid aspiration
Depth ( sophistication / intellect )Universal self-awareness
Texture ( sensory “feel” )Enveloping lush pop
Physique ( body, build, silhouette )Full bodied, chillwave bedrock build, palatial silhouette
Evocation ( experiential / conceptual resonance )Princess reprise coronation station … deep sea diving into high level eye level cumulonimbus joy riding … chill, wave, crown halo vibe on tap

· · ·

“Snakeskin” — Rina Sawayama (2020)

Modality ( intensity / energy )Escalating mid-tempo
Valence ( emotional spectrum )Moulting drama
Depth ( sophistication / intellect )Prodigious
Texture ( sensory “feel” )Anthemic, integrative neoteric/classical
Physique ( body, build, silhouette )Maximalist, operatic pop build, theatric silhouette
Evocation ( experiential / conceptual resonance )Memoirs of a maestra butterfly in disguise … eclipse metamorphosic … basilisk bagatelle unsheather season

· · ·

“Superheroes” — Daft Punk (2001)

Modality ( intensity / energy )Pulsing uptempo
Valence ( emotional spectrum )Breakthrough
Depth ( sophistication / intellect )Deceptive finesse
Texture ( sensory “feel” )Cosmic synth, groove propulsion
Physique ( body, build, silhouette )Ample bodied, pilot build, supercharged silhouette
Evocation ( experiential / conceptual resonance )En route paratroupstars … something’s in the air … adrenaline rush, shift climactic, unbate the exhale …

· · Final Notes and Flight Impressions · ·
“Record,” Artist (Vintage)Taste Notes
“Starstruck,” Santigold (2008)Dark wave base with indie pop sensibility, protostelo vantage echoing supergiant atmosphere … stellarevolution
“Fearless” ft. Nadia Rose; Melanie C (2020)Trip-pop base with R&B sensibility, sister sensei vantage echoing king crucible atmosphere … winged goddess
“Snakeskin,” Rina Sawayama (2020)Electropop base with orchestral sensibility, cosmopolitan heiress apparent vantage echoing millinneage atmosphere … moulten opera
“Superheroes,” Daft Punk (2001)Electro-house base with synthwave sensibility, jetpack shep vantage echoing crescendilemma atmosphere … hérosesquemachinaire
[ On the Whole ] “Vanguard 71,” ibid. (2022) Strong cinematic overtones, halo yoked human bildungsroman underscore … varying degrees of lifted, gifted, drifted cosmic analogutronic feel … leading the brigade of language artistry amidst the age of mechtech industrial reproduction … something inherently hybrid redemptive, dive into darkness to breakthrough luminous … oracular spectacular hymnals

· : Last Call, Maestro Pilot Mix : ·

Now then … this one, Steve Parry presents Original Sinner – December 2021 Mix … crossed the radar late last year courtesy of selador recordings’ daze of christmas bonanza extravaganza

It’s Day 4 of our Xmas giveaway extravaganza at Selador, and time for Steve to step up with his own seasonal offering ️

Showcasing his new Original Sinner alter ego where he gets to play out his love for Cosmic Disco and Funked Up Mirrorball Sleaze

so … within the immediate, as per the repertoire par ( repartoire? ), this mix capstone echoes our precedent deck on the whole, as a proximal pilot maestro in the form of extended flight elixir mix … red eye rotation, as it were … but/and, often times … i slate dj sets / mixes that i just really enjoy but / and because they sound so good on the spirit when i imagine how the tempos would feel with other people sharing the space of said rhythmic range frequency … so all of that is to say … this one just sounded so good in consideration of other people sharing the experience of said sounds … so — without much further ado, and one final point of note : taking the space to extend deep audiophilic appreciation to selador for maintaining their nook of the music community alive and well endowed – creatively speaking … highly recommend frequenting / following / familiarizing your (the communal you of said readership audience) sel[f/ves] with said label … so so worth it, due to and despite the convoluted music industry marketplace of current … so/and, all of that abstruced … please indulge in steve parry’s cosmic nu-discolicious christmas mix — a toast, to all — enjoi … :

* * *

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