Rhyme Flight, Deck 6 : “Valley Cast”

Rhyme flight, deck the sixth ( the time, flying … the light years, travelling ) … casting our sights and senses upon the silhouetted vales of a versichromatic soundboard’s signature repertoire — and so, with that, and without further ado, let’s sift said sampling : godspeed, enjoi

: : Rhyme Flight, Deck 6 : “Valley Cast” :
: [ Relative Thread : Terset Crate, ~125 bpm* ] : :

· : : “Valley Cast” Pilot Fleet : Recs On Deck : : ·
RecordArtist (Vintage)Album; Label
Black KnightMark Dee (2020)Arcade Nightdrive ;
Retrowave Touch Records
“The Valley”Duran Duran (2007)Red Carpet Massacre ;
Epic Records
Go With YouToro Y Moi (2011)Underneath The Pine ;
Carpark Records
“Painting Skies”Cold Blue (2020)Summer Chills ;
Black Hole Recordings

· · ·

: Flight Taste Note Referentials :
ModalityDescribes intensity and energy in music
ValenceDescribes the spectrum of emotions in music
(e.g. sad, happy)
DepthDescribes intellect and sophistication in music
TextureDescribes sensory “feel” of music
(e.g. organic / natural, processed / engineered)
PhysiqueDescribes build, body, silhouette of music
(e.g. minimal, full ; angular / rigid, contouring / elastic )
EvocationDescribes experiential or conceptual resonance brought forth in music
(e.g. any elemental, essential, emblematic associations)

“Black Knight” — Mark Dee (2020)

Modality ( intensity / energy )Deep uptempo
Valence ( emotional spectrum )Nocturnal crusading
Depth ( sophistication / intellect )Attuned
Texture ( sensory “feel” )Arcade retro synth
Physique ( body, build, silhouette )Full-bodied, NRGtic build, lunar strobe silhouette
Evocation ( experiential / conceptual resonance )Retro action jetpack man en route on a mission-driven midnight pursuit,
cruising the 8-bit superhigh flywave …

· · ·

“The Valley” — Duran Duran (2007)

Modality ( intensity / energy )Gradual undulating uptempo
Valence ( emotional spectrum )Anxious endeavoring
Depth ( sophistication / intellect )Brink epiphanic
Texture ( sensory “feel” )Synthtronic blues, electric feel with a recoil
Physique ( body, build, silhouette )Medium bodied, nimble build, nocturnal silhouette
Evocation ( experiential / conceptual resonance )Apocalypquestians go forth on a crimson ride, shadowboxing dollhaus vales … walking beneath limelight, fearing no film reel

· · ·

“Go With You” — Toro Y Moi (2011)

Modality ( intensity / energy )Mellow midtempo
Valence ( emotional spectrum )Wanderlust romantic
Depth ( sophistication / intellect )Staircase witting
Texture ( sensory “feel” )Shoegaze Eclectitronica
Physique ( body, build, silhouette )Full-bodied, neo-psychedelic build, lush life silhouette
Evocation ( experiential / conceptual resonance )Quixote coyote desert dazing on daytripper scene vibes

· · ·

“Painting Skies” — Cold Blue (2020)

Modality ( intensity / energy )Ambient downtempo
Valence ( emotional spectrum )Atmospheric elevation
Depth ( sophistication / intellect )Nonverbal fluency
Texture ( sensory “feel” )Aeriform synth
Physique ( body, build, silhouette )Light-bodied, encompassing build, sweeping silhouette
Evocation ( experiential / conceptual resonance )Seraphim sighs elan vital … exhalation respiration breathing life into waking welkin … primer sky lair coat d’azure

· · Final Notes and Flight Impressions · ·
“Record,” Artist (Vintage)Taste Notes
“Black Knight,” Mark Dee (2020)Synthwave base with italo-disco sensibility, V12 vantage echoing outrun atmosphere … cavaliere notturno
“The Valley,” Duran Duran (2007)New Romantic base with poperatic sensibility, promethean vantage echoing hollywood babylon atmosphere … mulholland canyonero
“Go With You,” Toro Y Moi (2011)Altronica base with dream pop sensibility, dreamcatcher vantage echoing vision questioning atmosphere … wanderomantic
“Painting Skies,” Cold Blue (2020)Ambient base with techno sensibility, firmament fresco vantage echoing dusk before tundra daybreak atmosphere … ambianzure
[ On the Whole ] “Valley Cast,” ibid. (2022) Strong overtones of drifting amidst the synth brigade river styx … Vacillating shades of surrenderesist valence … Bonafide bildungsroman undercurrents, scoring the scene of manifest dreams and phantasm ricochet … Tonal tempo echoes perpetual pursuit … Zenith apexing meridian nadir

· : Last Call, Maestro Pilot Mix : ·

So … this mix — sort of detouring from the erstwhile standard scope of nostalgic crate pulls from variegated planes of this soundtrekker’s past lives — crossed the radar quite recently, circa, hmm … maybe two or three months ago … stumbled upon alison wonderland’s radio show amidst general researching in the realm of mixing technique and sound curator craftwork … really dug her style and sense of the world, and its creative work therein … originally planned on slotting #256, but #210 already having been deck ready and linked up to the ewetubular, figured why not plot pivot into the wondeland holo collab crate … so, that’s all a roundabout prelude to said kaleidoscopic mix … so, with that, and without any further pretense ado … a sonic slice in the rhyme life of terra rara avis … a toast, to all — enjoi … :

* * *

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