New Make Spin : Mildlife’s “Automatic”

new make five on spin … musing ausland wizardry in the mildlife scape of natural occurrence … let’s get automatic fantastic — cheers, big ears : enjoi

:: Maker : Mildlife :: Mark : Automatic ::
[ Automatic ; 2020 ]

somewhere … betwixt and between outback ouroboros and aurora borealis, melbourne’s mildlife maestros pendulum drift into primordial groove …

off-the-still sound feel : off the still, it base notes … genesis exodus methodical metronomic … pendulum strident pacing into presence elementary tempos of a heretofore tabula rasa … layer cake couplet, catalyst recoil electric feel … third coat, kick push percussion … get down on the pick up … straight up lace the place with some flair … on the fretwork, whisper of a whiplash bolt in the bottle rocket … usher in the python pivot …

In the dark, underwater
To the light, up the tree

ever so sinuous a sonic aesthetic takes form in echoes of a mythological motif … our electric feel begins to sheathe its excess, submerging into pure cosmoquatic embryonic chrysalis consciousness … but make it oceanic origin story … lyrical lineage on the livewire, basking in the unbearable lightness of being a frequency …

At the top, state of boredom
Slowly crawling, slow evolving (Automatic)
The young child on the corner
What is lost? What is seen?
Split apart, out of focus

at its elemental essence, it reels, anatomic odyssey of the rainbow serpentine … krautfunk kraftwerk scales and psychedeliscotheque sinews … something burgeoning audiobiorhythmic bedrock of an outback’s blooming tundra … vaporwave vocoder electrikiss of life breathing elan vital spiritual viscera into our musomythosophical primium mobile … sythesymphonic slow evolving into rhythmic sphinx …

For me, that’s wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder
One, for me
Wonder, wonder, wonder, one, for me

borne on four, blossom in two, taper upon three … fall into crystalline ascent, zero point singularity … it reveals, something wrinkle in aboriginal dream rhyme … rumbling thunder, bubbling under … initiation station carouseling a cosmic whirlpool of song weaving said rem cyclirhythmic into manifest existence …

Walking through time
In your mind
There’s no place you can hide, hide
A place
All things fall in line,
All a place in time
For me, that’s wonderful

thus is said saga’s state of the art … a soundstage covenant ark … upon a great coral reverb’s compass guidance … it hearkens distant undercurrent cinematic … then i came to oceania, saw all walks of life in a moment sublime, and that’s all i wanted to do… elevate … it first finale impresses … something interstellar crystal grid evolution revolution maritemporal super flywave … but make it ambient auraboros funkadelic …

From the start, underwater
To the light, up the tree
At the top, state of boredom
Slowly crawling, slow evolving
Soon enough, in a moment
Moving up, tout de suite
Come along to the parlor
Slowly crawling, slow evolving

something chariots of melbourne-again sonic seraphim …

:: Matchuration Station (Pair’d … with age) ::

:: Matchuration Station : :: so, this silo scene features a standard pairing (doble) from the vantage of: vintage lineage … complimentary songs with the sound feel of the signaturepiece, but make it progenitor progeny proximality … exhuming through exploration those precedent post-drift elements more prominently defined in tunes crafted from polar perspectives of our locus axiomatic … thus abstruced, let’s revo … ::

:: New Make Spin : Automatic : Lineage Proximity :: · “Know Time Like The Present” – GRiZ · : · “Automatic” – Mildlife · : · “Do No Why” – Takuya Kuroda ·

so, this rhythmic lineage kinship camaraderie flows in the conceptual realm’s genomic frequency of … auraboros cycling rainbow serpentine … griz’ tres glow golden hour chaser preamble felt proper primer in the lens of … lush psychedelia funk futurist, with a certain sagacious twist of neoteric denizen shaman on the rim … electro soulful preface in the ouroboroscope of release into rebirth

the universe just is … being is beautiful … the universe doesn’t demand anything of us … and it’s always been there … everything; you do not lack, you are born of the infinite everything … when you came into this world, so did the world come out of you … you exist so that everything can … let go, and you become the universe … this is your experience, this is your life to live

Know Time Like The Present … let go … onward into our signaturepiece … to the light, up the tree, slow evolving, moving up, tout de suite … distant clarion mildlife Automatic paves a pathway through the static … onward vanguard alee … takuya kuroda felt like the contextual conceptual yang to our provinence griz’s evidential essential yin … comrades in gnostic compliment, where griz exalts the wondrous necessity in receptive reciprocity … kuroda edifies the diametric perceptual plane in active practice … where Know Time Like The Present pronounces supernal majesty in universal magnanimity – the subliminal side of funk’s psychedelia – Do No Why feels like endeavoring to materialize the acidity of psyfunk’s jazz infusion … amplifying the verve in sonic viscera … the irony between the greatness of nature and the beautiful obsceneness of humanity … melodies and grooves fly back and forth from being spiritual to being vulgar … or something to said eclectiffectual … altogether, though, one would suppose … just a triumvirate traverse in auroboric perpetuity … round fin de siècle and round again … et repete ::

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