Rhyme Flight, Deck 2 : “M5”

Rhyme flight, deck the second … this one … another slate from the terset crate … another tunage tetrad burgeoned from a freestyle mixwork conversession … another squad assembled by roundabout way of serato beat per sixty sorting … so … without further ado … let’s spin a flight taste notation, in the conceptual realm of M5 — cheers and godspeed, enjoi

: : Rhyme Flight, Deck 2 : “M5” :
: [ Relative Thread : Terset Crate, ~82bpm* ] : :

· : : “M5” Pilot Fleet : Recs On Deck : : ·
RecordArtist (Vintage)Album; Label
“Million Dollar Bills”Lorde (2013)Pure Heroine (Extended) ;
Republic Records
“Incredible” ft. General LevyM-Beat (1994)Incredible — Single ;
Renk Records
“Your Girl”Mariah Carey (2005)The Emancipation of Mimi ;
Island Def Jam
“Mirror Mirror”Mid-Air! (2007)Mid-Air! ; Independent [CD Baby]

· · ·

: Flight Taste Note Referentials :
ModalityDescribes intensity and energy in music
ValenceDescribes the spectrum of emotions in music
(e.g. sad, happy)
DepthDescribes intellect and sophistication in music
TextureDescribes sensory “feel” of music
(e.g. organic / natural, processed / engineered)
PhysiqueDescribes build, body, silhouette of music
(e.g. minimal, full ; angular / rigid, contouring / elastic )
EvocationDescribes experiential or conceptual resonance brought forth in music
(e.g. any elemental, essential, emblematic associations)

“Million Dollar Bills” — Lorde (2013)

Modality ( intensity / energy )Bassy mid-tempo ; capricious continuity
Valence ( emotional spectrum )Wanderlust ambivalence
Depth ( sophistication / intellect )Aught adolescent clever
Texture ( sensory “feel” )Sythologue hybrid; 808s & break beats
Physique ( body, build, silhouette )Full-bodied perc, stocky hops with a kick stomp
Evocation ( experiential / conceptual resonance )Lifestyles of the Zillennial and Libertine Zealand

· · ·

“Incredible” ft. General Levy — M-Beat (1994)

Modality ( intensity / energy )High ; layered flux
Valence ( emotional spectrum )Frenetic ; wicked hyphy
Depth ( sophistication / intellect )Underground MC
Texture ( sensory “feel” )Roland percolation; turntablist
Physique ( body, build, silhouette )Hard-bodied, break beast
Evocation ( experiential / conceptual resonance )Subterranean battalion beat stallion ;
concrete jungle brigadier tings

· · ·

“Your Girl” — Mariah Carey (2005)

Modality ( intensity / energy )Cresting serenade
Valence ( emotional spectrum )Gallant romantic
Depth ( sophistication / intellect )Evolved enamor
Texture ( sensory “feel” )Soulful melodious rhythmic blues ; bonafide vocals
Physique ( body, build, silhouette )Full-bodied balladry
Evocation ( experiential / conceptual resonance )Canon crescendo ;
Solid gold ode to the emancipation of harmony

· · ·

“Mirror Mirror” — Mid-Air! (2007)

Modality ( intensity / energy )Mid-tempo cusp
Valence ( emotional spectrum )Considered whimsy ; whimsical consideration
Depth ( sophistication / intellect )Heuristic
Texture ( sensory “feel” )Analogue pastiche ; electroniclectica
Physique ( body, build, silhouette )Plucky, nimble ; craftwork in progress
Evocation ( experiential / conceptual resonance )Gaze in the sprite of a learning lab’s music box ;
steampunk undercurrents of sampling synthphonia ;
mid-air collision in concert, prelude to a tryst

· · Final Notes and Flight Impressions · ·
“Record,” Artist (Vintage)Taste Notes
“Million Dollar Bills,” Lorde (2013)Electropop base with jungle trop sensibility, alt-scene zillennial vantage echoing post-aught global media atmosphere … currenscene
“Incredible” ft. General Levy, M-Beat (1994)Jungle base with dancehall sensibility, wicked wicket vantage echoing Londunderground atmosphere … junglistmassive
“Your Girl,” Mariah Carey (2005) R&B base with doo-wop sensibility, phoenix canary vantage echoing diamond mine industrial atmosphere … post-chrysalis
“Mirror Mirror,” Mid-Air! (2007)Jungledub base with trip-hop sensibility, looking glass lullaby vantage echoing waking life atmosphere … somnambulectronica
[ On the Whole ] “M5,” ibid. (2022) Drawn to the percussive playground ; progressions build balance in the boomerang ; cadence dwells in the cardiac attest ; distinct scope of self and spacial awareness ; inherent sense of acquired guilelessness

· : Last Call, Maestro Pilot Mix : ·

So … this flight conjured reminiscence of a genuine canon mixset … this mix, in many ways, begat my overarching free flow music journo foray … twas the first album i proper reviewed in that sort of signature epochauserie form, for my first quasi-proper music column … and, in immediate retrospect, the form and function of the mix itself is quite aligned in said refereinclusive pastiche genesis regard … so, as always, thus abstruced … without further ado … M5’s maestro pilot … rhymes with silly allen’s my first mixtape / lily allen’s mixtape 1 … and with that, a toast, to all … enjoi :

* * *

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