Trackphorism : “Glow! Sing Time” (B-Side Reprise)

:: Trackphorism : “Glow! Sing Time” (B-Side Reprise) ft. m83, mai lan, steve vai, semisonic, m.i.a., giorgio moroder, britney spears, daedelus, tove lo, ilya salmanzadeh ::

rhythm :: low-key disco slopes and bubblegum backlots, subterranean bombast scene pop with sunset gatekeepers … neon speakeasy troptical profusion c/o james haunt

muse :: You, you, you, meet me, me, me at the station, station … wish time, this time could just be, a bit shortened, be-be-be-between us us, six million seasons … gotta run, and let you out into the world … everybody’s welcome, come on, come on in, sit yourself down, the fun never ends … love is the drug, that makes you want to drink ‘till the morning after … i’m feeling someone watching me, so i raise my head … painted nails, sunsets on horizons, palm trees, silhouette smells amazing, blindfolds under homemade lanterns … somewhere in the amazon, golden tables, spoken mirrors, painted girls around, young and scared of love affairs, so keep your conscience down … pretty faces put in place to match the scenery, taking pics, it’s like a fix for the anxiety, keep a straight face for the camera flashes, ‘cause we got a lot to discover, cover … minutes turn to hours and became our fate, when we share raindrops that turned into lakes, gonna start us through the wave, gonna find you in the flight … safe with me, move so free, silently … eye know who i want to make me glow … prosing rhyme, take me home … every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end … ::

:: now playing : “glow! sing time” (b-side reprise) ::

:: Trackphorism : Glow! Sing Time (B-Side Reprise) : Found Features :: · “Go!” ft. Mai Lan, Steve Vai – M83 · : · “Closing Time” – Semisonic · : · “Amazon” – M.I.A. · : · “Tom’s Diner” ft. Britney Spears – Giorgio Moroder · : · “Femme Fatale” – Daedelus · : · “Don’t Talk About It” ft. Ilya Salmanzadeh – Tove Lo ·

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