Trackphorism : “Rhapsody in Valkyrie Nouveau”

:: Trackphorism : “Rhapsody in Valkyrie Nouveau” ft. the bird and the bee, Jamiroquai, Incubus, Janelle Monáe, Saul Williams, Keleketla!, Coldcut, Yugen Blakrok, Tamar Osborn, Rob Mazurek, Exploding Star Orchestra, Caron Wheeler, Kundalini, Cinderella MC, Minor Science, Auscultation, dZihan & Kamien, Madeon ::

rhythm :: onyx views and new world vantages, terra nova upon alchemical wings of indigo angeles … manifest movements with divine ministers and mainframe muses … synchronous rhythms and rhapsodic blues … saga epochauserie

muse :: … did you hear the news ? … saw it on tv … futures, made of virtual insanity … what are we to do … where are we to go ? with all the planets, spinning fast around us … just a drop of blood, floating in the air … and nothing but the angles of said future … what are we to do, where are we to go … with all this beauty, stretching out behind us … and i’m givin’ all my love to this world, only to be told … now ray guns are not only just the future … made of, virtual insanity now … always, seem to, be governed by this love cast for, useless, twisting, our new technology … nothing worse, than a meddling man … and i’m thinkin’ ‘what a mess we’re in,’ hard to know where to begin … nothing worse, than a foolish mind … i want a life, i’m caught under the weight of all, my life, eye want a pretty little life … eye’m stuck inside the walls of all this inner strife … it’s so insane, to synthesize another strain … there’s something in these futures that we have to be told … a decade ago, i never thought i would be, on the verge of spontaneous combustion, woe-is-me … but i guess that it comes, with the territory: an ominous, landscape of, never-ending calamity … like gravity, hypocrisy, and the perils of being in 3d – but thinking so much differently … so, pardon me while eye burst and rise above the flames …

… eye’ve lost the use of my heart, but i’m still alive … still looking for the light, and the endless pool on the other side … i’m at the borderline of my faith, the hinterland of my devotion, in the front line of this battle of mine – but i’m still alive … a soldier of love, every day and night, all the days of my life … i am love’s soldier … i wait for the sound, know that love will come, turn it all around … cyborg, android, d-boy, decoy, water, wisdom, tightrope, vision … oh these dreams are forever … insight, stronghold, heartless, ice cold … if you leave now or never … mystery, mastery, solar, battery … rising and a waking, yes here comes the sun, march into the war and with the kick of the drum … the wiser simians have got the bombs and the guns, so you might as well keep dancing if you’re not gonna run … now i’m not saying it’s better to bailar – but you can pull the trigger or you can build you an ark … my words are rather kind you keep them held in contempt, looking for a nine and then a droid you can tempt … zombie, zombie, zombie, where do dreams come from? a little bird is chirping and she’s singing a song … angel, blossom, gunshot, dodging … dream, bright, beat, light, breathe, live, help, give, focus, trance, wake up, dance!

… become immortal through the chi you invert … what you protect through the tests, in this lifetime and the next … worth remembering, no difficulty level can surpass your own strength … my heart’s a sacred relic : smooth, hard and metallic, with a separate nervous system that vibrates psychedelic … walk around it seven times anti-clockwise, and step back watch me as i lithify and crystallize … eye’ve been walking on the edge, my existence solitary, and the image in this mirror is the only adversary … eye open like a lotus to expand my universe, from center connects to the soul through telepathic … deeply understanding the value inside everything, my regimen’s to reject neither friend nor even enemy … make the marvel at the tapestry of woven human emotion, a cosmic spark that echoes across oceans … burning words, exploding out the crown volcanic ashes … the light inside the pyramid flowing like the blue, nile my writing style encrypted like the hieroglyphs … now listen, to the rhythm of the magic, levels flip …

… enough respect to the goddess and the caravan … no more bowing to another man, guess who’s coming to the motherland … beach of the war goddess, know this is indeed your hour … life is an ocean and our souls provide the bed, enough illumination for this generation … this is an age of the new wave minds, ancestors shedding light from the early times … giving ideas to me with the funky rhymes, giving answers to you in these funky times … it was a quarter past eleven on a saturday in 1999 … right across from where i’m standing, on the dance floor she was landing, it was clear that she was from another time … she asked me if i’d like to magnetize, so she laserbeamed me with her cosmic eyes – she’s just a cosmic girl, from another galaxy, my heart’s at zero gravity … she’s from a cosmic world, putting me in ecstasy, transmitting on my frequency … she’s cosmic … eye’m scanning all my radars, well she said she’s from a quasar – forty thousand million light years away ~ it’s a distant solar system, tried to phone but they don’t list ’em ~ so i asked her for a number all the same … she said, step in my transporter, so eye can teleport ya out tonight …

… eye know we’re not listened to, used to tell me not to dream away, said this future is a world away … forever, forever, a long long way to find the one, so we’ll keep on dancing until she comes … and if you wanna wake the sun, just keep on marching to the kick of the drums … and just like before, my spirit coming up beyond the shore ~ no fear no more … eye know we’re not listened to, but no fear no more … every day and night, i’m a soldier of love … i am love’s soldier, i wait for the sound … i know that love will come, and turn it all around … levels flip and crystallise this careening prism within the sound … ::

now playing :: “rhapsody in valkyrie nouveau” ::

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