New Make Spin : RJD2’s “A Salute To Blood Bowl Legends”

so, bit of motley staccato stream of consciousness mood boarding here … i really just dig this album in its entirety, and this tune in immediate particularity … but, my aptitude for conventional verbal communication is on indefinite hiatus at present ( summer summer summer vibes — brain break time ) … so / but / and , never one to eschew away from exploring / expressing some sense of marvel at music (re)discovery in hopes of potential audience resonance due to / despite lapse in apparent intellectual communicative capacity, i’m exercising the right to bear with conceptual cacophony, at present … riffing through the rubble, working through the wobble, experimenting on the whole with work tape mistakes in the medium of cerebral graffiti … tl;dr : just having fun with this one … and so with that, pour one up and out — enjoi :

nouveaustalgia crate dig built for cuban links … super 808s … heart breakbeats … lean back … ears open minds wide … for score past midnight … roll the credits … hop skip and jump cut … sync up the track suit … cue the cross fade … taste of after ours solstice sublime … just a salute to the arcade wire, crown coliseum … blood bowl legends on crews control … just a retrofuturist spin on the decks of a delorean …

off-the-still sound feel : video music box reel world cinema … closing credits … off the dome, heading home … 352am … post meridiem pre-dawn boogie down delorejoy riding … there does the dj go … light speed limitless … concrete atmospheric … black top boulder shouldering rhyme barons …  guild fronts lick shots … gotham world elixir bops … mic check, one two run through … reagan babes in b-boy land scribing harlem hammurabi code … rosetta stoning, papa roll on … too live tune tribe turntablist funkadelic … retrofitted ghetto blaster rough trade brigade … baptized in blacklight, backspin the neoteric … battle scratch cypher symphonic in the lens of urban jungle cinematic … ghostwrite the glitch … hook, line, deadringer … flight power, strata stinger … maneuver cruise meteor shower … pull focus … close crop … mixed media drip maestro … basquiat heron shell top … mister glitterbombatic … see the mic clock respect … ether season pull back … wood grain super eight track …  time space capsule free base … exhume craftwork soul rising shoulder flair, rock steady soundtrek boomkat comet tail … it just feels fun … serato needle drop schoolyard dominion … no blood no foul … no fun no glory … bring it back … work tape … deep bass … staccato samples … phonographic … ambient staircase ghostface gambit … bus stop philosoph … quantum lyrical … gen x jedi, star war vroom … stark lightning … sub-rosa thunder … silhouette ultra sheen … clarion consciousness … for the kids for the culture … purpose driven jet propulsion … stage the future in golden age frames … fuel nouveau in subterranean flow aeroplane … welcome home, concrete cosmonaut ::

:: Matchuration Station : Flight Deck ::

:: Matchuration Station … so, this silo scene features a standard pairing (doble) from the vantage of: flight deck … akin to a wine flight — but make it sonic sampler … complimentary songs with the sound feel of: the signaturepiece, given a pair of day ones, partners in rhyme, recess yard renegade brigade … long lost comrades in cadence … a pair of flavor/feel musketeers, perhaps ::

:: New Make Spin : A Salute To Blood Bowl Legends : Flight Deck :: · “Water Under My Bridges” – Hird · : · “A Salute To Blood Bowl Legends” – RJD2 · : · “Running” – Gil Scott-Heron, Makaya McCraven ·

so … this particular camaraderie pairs in the flight palette of … a play in the life of astral terrestrial scene emcees … a synoptic saga soundtrek … a broadsketch triumvirate salute in the underscore overtone of blood bowl legendary … to bards and their aphorhythmic memoirs … onward … so, i want to let the tunes captain said flight palisade, let the music maintain locus focus here … but to prologue with a few mise en scene contextual conceptual / narrative notes … hird’s Water Under My Bridges felt fundamental … establishing that primordial elemental alloy generative edification station sangre situational … the cerebral catalyst … echoes of something burgeoning … something beneath, beyond and before to behold … something at peace in presence, and yet still pursuing some progression … some purpose in motive perpetuation … the vintage verve and still contemporary complexion in and of eternal regeneration … rise, fall, ebb, flow, release and return … into our signaturepiece A Salute To Blood Bowl Legends … the bedrock bateau … halfway between synth and sample battle scratch glimmers of a mic check needle drop cypher life golden age, and that moniker pedigree “long long time ago” faraway galaxy … the interstellar saucer spins … and so, we evorevo into Running … where gil scott heron and makaya mccraven gift the ground with roots in the rhapsody of gospel truth … back to the generation, when happiness is procuring honesty over percussion … heroes remember, legends forever fly …

: epilogue / footnote :

You know not too long ago I had an epiphany
Musicians from our era
We are like the direct descendants
Of the Rakims and Tribe Called Quests
De La Soul, Kool G Rap, you know, Gang Starr
And, you know
There’s been times where I have felt like
Ok there’s a new generation in here that doesn’t even know that music at all
You know, in fact they’re just not even into it
And you know the game has changed
And there’s no value to what I do anymore
There’s been times where I’ve thought on that side of the spectrum
But then a light bulb went off that I was just like, ‘actually like
Our generation, we’re actually the holders of a boulder man’
Like, like we
I feel like a burning desire to actually keep that torch lit
Of being like, you know
Maybe it’s not the most commercially viable thing
But you know what
I possess a skill that only a few do
You know what I mean
In a certain capacity
Based on yes, like there’s a lot of cats who can rhyme
You know what I mean
Just like of course there’s a lot of producers out there right
That make dope beats
But I just feel like
There’s just something you know
Our generation, and then for me in particular that I’m able to manifest
A certain lens that I’m looking through
That I feel like whether or not it’s the most commercially viable thing
Could have a positive effect culturally, for the culture of hip-hop
Which I still love
That it’s worth it to me to add on …

Ramble John “RJD2” Krohn ; “A Salute To Blood Bowl Legends,” The Fun Ones (2020)
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