Vintage Reprise :: Audiobiorhythmic : Punk Me Tender

And so, four this release, we reprise a vintage in the cellar realm of rebel romantic … and with that, without further ado, let’s get audiobiorhythmic … santé  — enjoi

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The Audiobiography series invites artists to narrate the first-hand account of their lives (thus far) through soundtrack as score. A sonic signature in framework, fashion and function, Audiobiographies explore the lives of creatives through the universal language of music… that cosmic connective chord maintaining said constellation’s lived terrestrial tapestry animating this world.


The mysterious artist Punk Me Tender is known for his very graphic, raw form of art. … Like many artists, Punk Me Tender doesn’t have a strategy for his art. He only acts based on instinct and doesn’t follow any rules.

First things first:

Vinyl Cut Prose

(effectually: stream of consciousness conversational riffs with creative work in the world)

Punk’s pieces amplify guerrilla art’s definitive deviation from the established normative constructs in-and-of fine art convention. Compositions find harmony in the consummation between abstract and concrete… ultraviolet symphonic imagery evoking visceral engagement between feminine form and masculine technique. In a textbook term: Rebel Romanticism.

Mutinous matriarchs survey urban scapes through pastel-sprayed ocular veils, porcelain and onyx converge, femme frondeurs don monarch wings of triumphant metamorphosis; floral couture and chandelier corsets, shattered chrysalis shells trail beneath nocturnal parchment.

The axiomatic tripartite between artist, muse, and denizen scene. Contours clash in the active craft of empowered innocence, the valkyrie bildungsroman projects valor in vulnerability… the immersion in that panoramic spectrum of human identity, illustrating into fruition Rilke’s foreshadowed feminine being blossoming amidst the metropolis of celestial bodies:

This humanity of woman, borne its full time… will come to light when she will have stripped off the conventions of mere femininity in the mutations of her outward status, and those men who do not yet feel it approaching today will be surprised and struck by it. Some day… some day there will be girls and women whose name no longer signify merely the opposite of masculine, but something in itself, something that makes one think, not of any complement and limit, but only of life and existence: the feminine human being.

Ranier Maria Rilke ; Letters to a Young Poet

PMT’s signature aesthetic finds its tone, timbre, and apparent purpose in this new world mantra movement manifest. It speaks to a future age, bathes in deep indigos amplifying the vishudda, chords unbound, echoing the savage beauty of McQueen, akin to mythological emergence from the depths of Atlantis…

You’ve got to know the rules to break them. That’s what I’m here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition.

Lee McQueen

Beneath and beyond it all, the clear present consideration of the craft, the artistry, the soul of the work, just for the sake of, due to and despite the impermanent canvas… the fracture in formality establishing evolved canons, the unstructured precision of a punk’s renaissance.

* * *

audiobiography: punk me tender

Music, the ethereal chord connecting the creative world, that invisible fuel sparking the catalyst source… it would seem the DNA of any creator resides in that very invisible viscera. So, below, Punk Me Tender’s very own signature soundtrack, the aural rhythm of rebel romanticism as scored by the maestro himself …

:: Audiobiorhythmic : Punk Me ::

(P) anama – The Avener
(U) prising – Muse
(N) asty Girl – The Notorious B.I.G.
(K) a Moun Ke – Rokia Traoré

(M) iss You – The Rolling Stones
(E) au et gaz à toutes les étages – Serge Gainsbourg

(T) here It Is – Shalamar
(E) dge of Seventeen – Stevie Nicks
(N) eed to Feel Loved – UnClubbed ft. Zoe Durrant
(D) addy’s Jam – Solomun
(E) lle a Dit – Édith Piaf
(R) iot in a Thunder Alley – Eddie Beram

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