Trackphorism : “Camofarouche Style Guide”

:: Trackphorism : “Camofarouche Style Guide” ft. Alien Lipstick Fire, Sarah Vaughan, United Future Organization, Madonna, Towa Tei, Kylie Minogue, The Faint, moses sumney, Taiye Selasi, Dezron Douglas, Brandee Younger ::

rhythm :: scribing the dance of denizen chameleons and the craft of camouflage backdrops with artisan urban guardians c/o @hushartist 

muse :: in my head a couple years ago, wondering what you were waiting for … said ‘come with me, and then you’ll see’ … i was searching for an alibi, while i sit and watch the years go by, and fade away … wish i could stay, wish i could say … one of these mornings, you’re going to rise up singing, then you’ll spread your wings, and you’ll take to the sky … but till that morning, there’s a’nothing can harm you, with daddy and mamma standing by … so hush, little baby, don’t you cry … cosmic systems intertwine, astral bodies drip like wine, all of nature ebbs and flows … comets shoot across the sky, can’t explain the reasons why: this is how creation goes … in a trance, and the world is spinning, spinning baby, out of control … in a trance, i let the music take me, take me where my heart wants to go … universe is full of stars, nothing out there looks the same, you’re the one that i’ve been waiting for, i don’t even know your name … hello… hello… hello, my name is german bold italic: i am a typeface; which you have never heard before, which you have never seen before, i can compliment you well: especially in red, extremely in green, maybe in blue? especially in pink, extremely in orange, maybe in yellow? you will like my sense of style: i fit, like, a, glove … let me adorn you: the bold design of you, which you have never seen before … high contrast, it’s cool; high contrast: it’s, cool … effendi flair, its eyes are full, stole my essence, it’s riding my pulse, a burst of black, a breath of smoke, eye disappear, i lost control, my body’s moving, on its own, i watch myself, walk away, a foreign spirit, took my place … and so i come to isolation … etymologically, isolation comes from ‘insula,’ which means ‘island:’ i-so-la-tion; isolation, which literally means ‘to be islanded,’ and somebody mentioned this to me, actually my cape verdean hairdresser, because i asked her, ‘how do you say this word in portuguese?’ and she said, ‘isolada,’ like an island, like you’re-you’re, you’re islanded; and i thought, ‘that’s exactly what i’ve been my whole life; i’ve been islanded’ … the creator has a master plan for us all …

now playing :: “camofarouche style guide”

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