New Make Spin : Björk’s “Immature”

round two make spin … skål — enjoi :

:: Maker : Björk :: Mark : Immature ::
[ Homogenic ; 1997 ]

Brass tacks: talking facets; faced facts on tapestry-laced tracks [ read : Bjöööörk … with the levelled complexity in on and of these textures ?!? ]

off-the-still sound feel : Clockwork orchestral meets rhythmic blues … to be completely honest, it feels like a moment of reckoning in the reality of what it means to be experimental genre … what consensus says when they mean … the craft artistry in scientific methodology … curating the process of expressing posited evidence of conflicted emotion … to know what, how, when, and that you simply don’t … how primitive, how juvenile, how whimsically rudimentary, how very awe-inspired, how so senselessly endeavored, how so very inherently human … to refine and formulate these flaws defining human experience … the recreation of that condition for human connection … the genre of that, and the field generals at the helm, directing these battlefield campaigns of record album production … that part though … tinker tinker alt. standard sailor … symphonic salute

:: Matchuration Station : Pair’d (with age) ::

:: Matchuration Station … so, this silo scene features a standard pairing (doble) from the vantage of: vintage lineage … complimentary songs with the sound feel of: the signaturepiece, given a few seasons – off the still, in the barrel, on the shelf – to exhume those underlying elements more prominently defined in the swath of a distillation stationed self … a pair of flavor/feel progenitors, perhaps … ::

:: New Make Spin : Immature : Lineage Playlist :: · “Ouroboros” – SYNC24 · : · “Immature” – Björk · : · “Jump” – Kylie Minogue ·

so, here … quite literal maturation station abound … this pairing plays in the palatte plane of … the fill and the blank, the atmosphere and the architecture …

sync24’s Ouroboros underscores the basilisk base note … conceptually, the fundamental continuity in perpetual unsheathing and regeneration … sonically, the deep primal pulsing bassline, that perpetual groove … and then, choral progression into the valley, from a fade into ethereal dissolve, a voice emerges from said vale … evaporation station yielding compass condensation … lyrically

everything soulful … your body just knows … this … this is going to be something … special … peace … cycles 

… and from the ebb, so we flow into signature return, “and it becomes, something…” on ritual loop … Ouroboros felt primordial progenitor in / of the psybient varietal … and from said landscape, so we traverse maturity’s motif to the complimentary coast of lyrical cadence in the key of trip-hop … where sapience speaks in query … dancing with the diametric here …

where sync24’s deep synth edified basilisk base notes of Immature’s atmospheric ancestry, kylair’s Jump echoes our signaturepiece’s libretto architecture lineage … where, given a few seasons sessioning in a chrysalis cask, one might bottle its verve somewhere in the unstructured intention of an impossible princess’ viaduct valley vault … this ricochet feels like it captures the caprice in socratic prosetry … the “if this, then that” curricular cadence … where Ouroboros feels primer timbre, with Jump it’s more of a distillation in elemental mouth feel … that tempo in tanden tonality … materializes into a moment of memoir, mercurial manifest, vocalized into a void …

tl;dr : primordial progenitors at the punnet crux of landscape psybient basilisk atmospheric base note and lyrical cadence trip-hop & cerulean architectural palate feel — immature, in maturation

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