Trackphorism : “Seraphim in Your Seyene”

Yet … another silo nouveau column cask for the tap … so, “Trackphorism,” broadly, resides somewhere in the conceptual realm of … lyrically speaking in the key of found poetry … also, from another, more practical, perspective … ‘tis a revival revisitation of a past life’s Mood Ring series [ which, referential boilerplate : “effectually, this is the space in the studio where the lyrical and visual cohabitate in a collection of phono-photographic composite creations; it’s a photo gallery with linguistic riffs and lyrical bits contextualizing said imagery.” ] … etymology, in/of/on the immediate, generally … “track” (on account of musical recordings) and “-phorism” in reference to “aphorism,” and the comparatively aphoristic lens on said found poetic lyrical speaking … anyhaps, thus pretensed: let’s delve into the debut …

:: Trackphorism : “Seraphim in Your Seyene” ft. Ace of Base, Austra, The Flaming Lips, Four Tet, KAYTRANADA ::

rhythm :: spectral saturdaze with eye flyers

muse :: under the pale moon, where i see a lot of stars … you were born and the dark was changed, like the stars into the night, like the sun breaking through the sky … i’m a chemical reaction and my elements are aligned, wrap me up inside, warbling soft words, wandering eye … the fever grows, incandescent, does it show … up to go, into the light where you belong; but where do you belong?

now playing :: “seraphim in your seyene” ft. ace of base, austra, the flaming lips, four tet, kaytranada

:: Trackphorism : Seraphim in Your Seyene : Found Features :: · “The Sign” – Ace of Base · : · “Angel In Your Eye” – Austra · : · “Brother Eye” – The Flaming Lips · : · “Angel Echoes” – Four Tet · : · “Puff Lah” – KAYTRANADA ·

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