New Make Spin : Tove Lo’s “shedontknowbutsheknows”

Silo the subsequent, en tap: “New Make Spin” … akin to new make spirits — but make it music … the tune itself could be new, could be not-so-nouveau, could be antiquated nostalgic, could be somewhere in the extended outer and/or in-between … “new make” is more in regards to the immediate take … if i haven’t scribed it, it’s new to scene … thus, said new make is a fresh-off-the-needle-lifted-still take on any tune in existence of the eternal present — before this mind’s musings have had time to properly mature into aged spirits … so, without further ado, let’s sip this spin and riff prosetic

:: Maker : Tove Lo :: Mark : “shedontknowbutsheknows” ::
[ BLUE LIPS: lady wood phase II ; 2017 ]

Tove … a whole low-key tempest of high-level lush life hushed asides … a whole entirety of tune :

off-the-still sound feel : on the blink … sambuca sunrise … coconut lime anytime minutes … forbidden citrus deep-seeded in a lychee sonic physique … mi swing es guava tropical … what happens, stays … the corner booth shadow gaze at eden’s after hours … meanwhile, tropnotic drops into magnetic kinetic … high-fidelity mirage … unbeknownst menage … voluminous undercurrents … sumptuous groundswells … brushes of saltwater on the skin, beneath whispers of saccharin somethings and staircase gambit … the nemesis of that second self is in its insatiable duplicity … and somehow, the knowing is in adversarial solidarity … the one is the other … know up, glow up: queen of the clouds, siren of the silhouette …

:: Matchuration Station (Pair’d … with age) ::

:: Matchuration Station … so, this silo scene features a standard pairing (doble) from the vantage of: vintage lineage … complimentary songs with the sound feel of: the signaturepiece, given a few seasons – off the still, in the barrel, on the shelf – to sophisticate, cultivate, develop, and mellow into its more refined and worldly-wise self … a pair of flavor/feel progenitors, perhaps …

anyhaps, enough pretense, let’s palatte this pairing :

:: New Make Spin : shedontknowbutsheknows : Lineage Playlist :: · “Santa Maria” – Gotan Project · : · “shedontknowbutsheknows” – Tove Lo · : · “One More Time/Aerodynamic” (Live 2007) – Daft Punk ·

… so, i don’t really know, can’t quite explain why (shock of all shocks; surprise, surprise) … but when Shedontknowbutsheknows settled into the sensory psyche — got a bit familiar with the latent sound tribe burgesses, started harmonizing distant frequencies with its newfound sonic camaraderie, etc. — it felt like the progeny protege new make scion of gotan project and daft punk … at that primordial genomic plane of elemental embryonic … if we let the song bask in the cask for a bit … barrel blossom into sage sensibilities … oxidize, evaporate, etc. … we might be left with distinct base notes of gotan’s argentine revancha (the barrel, proverbially considering) paired with the kinetic curvature of alive 2007’s voluptuous electric feel (the organic chemical reaction, perchance) — or not … just peripheral notes and noggin jots … a ti esprit ::

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