Rhyme Cellar, v. 11 : “Mischief of a Sleepwalker” (2018)

and so, verse eleven … where we cellar rogue voyager rhyme, explore planes above the halo, and venture into a sound tribe’s nocturnal midheaven … a toast, to the moon — enjoi

“Mischief of a Sleepwalker” (Live, Encore) — Sound Tribe Sector 9 (Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, NV (2018.05.05), 2018)

Writers : Hunter Brown, Jeffree Lerner, David Murphy, David Phipps, Alana Rocklin, Zach Velmer · · Producers : ibid.

Artist : Sound Tribe Sector 9
Vintage : 2018
Album : Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, NV (2018.05.05)
Label : Landslide Records
Region : Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Varietal / Blend : Instrumental / Livetronica, Ambient Psychedelia, Post-Rock Dance

:: Primer ::

:: Alright, so, sound tribe sector 9 … it was … freshman year of high school, roundabout, when sts9 first met sonic acquaintance … only in retrospect, when i ventured from that particular campus’ perspective into another great elsewhere, did i notice the distinct niche of said band’s proximal populous familiarity as something somewhat subterranean … the jam band scene was, within campus consensus, de facto mainstream … so i stumbled into p groove, sts9, etc. on the wings of understated affinity … not much fanfare necessarily, but a certain sense of new age-y southern pinkies up underground … seersucker subterranean synthcoustic … quite, p2p irl in its own way …

eitherhaps, i remember somehow mustering a makeshift offered schematics suggesting peace mix … Turtle, Otherwise Formless, … And Some Are Angels, etc. spring to mind … but there was one song that remained on general rotation throughout interstate and international travels for almost two decades and counting … Mischief Of A Sleepwalker … don’t know why, can‘t quite explain … possibly the title, and just distinct nostalgic frequency …

anyhaps, a year or two ago, i was browsing the interwebular, for some reason that now escapes memory, and in this search for said record in its origin studio form, and eventually a live cut (on account of sts9’s particular genre), drifted onto a live encore version from their 2018 cinco de mayo show at the brooklyn bowl in vegas (which — a whole locus of location-as-motif) … and upon the proverbial needle drop — epiphany … it felt like sensory immersion in edible stardust — a bite into some well-not-technically-literally-but-effectually-so starfruit …

so … all of that is to primer this particular lyricless rhyme … just a beautiful tapestry of pure synthcoustic symphony … rem cycling somewhere between footbed pillows of cloud nine and santa cruz treetops crowning signature georgia pine … let’s dreamtime dalliance ::

:: On the Palatte · Profile ::

:: This one just feels … metaterrestrial cosmic caravan interplanetary gallivance … and once again, we touch outerdimensional … the symbiotic sensation of manipulated invisible, manifest verve endemic livetronica … just awestruck wondrous

on the front … enter the drift into a dreamtime native’s psychedelia ambient … subtle supernal … the gifted lift still in launch pad proximity … still echoing tempos of tarmac propulsion … though the third eye lens is ever heaven cast, we’re still gazing from the bifocal frame … it tastes violet flame st. germain … a mischievous sleepwalker still desert dwelling … traipsing betwixt and between dusk and dawn … dancing about a distant horizon’s twilight song … not rem cyclical drifting, yet … the tempo paces akin to a gazelle’s stride across some celestial serengeti … and so, comet kissed dew drops descend as we coast on a magic carpet caravan ride through seraphim sighs into sahara mirages materialized …

this mid-palatte feels … chon orchestra in the key of “we are all made of stars” … astral indigenous carbon percussion … halcyon hydrogen guitar riffs … oxygen hymnotic vocal harmonies … nebular nitrogen synthesizer effects … human electricity coursing along rip van winkle tidal waves … bossa nouveau tempos scribe bedouin time stories … willow wisped zephyr in the sky tastes of lavender gin and rye as spirits flow into our subtle tempest … the aural vortex feels chin on the knees gazing over interdimensional star dunes … lingering on a milky way’s pulmonary passage ways …

on the finish … pegasus plumes rush of love to the head … stairway to levitation … starshower deluge in incremental interstellar tsunami … breathe life into lucid suspense … crystal grid jukebox heroine chorus … sinuous sirius and free futurist andromeda merge frequencies just beyond the reach of earth’s most exalted canopies … sound tribal intersector … siddhartha, and something to the effect of bodhi bonsai nirvana, manifest aquatic copacetic of the most pacific … visceral ebbs and universal web’s intricate prose … in waves and droves … our heretofore adventure through stellar nebulous takes form in the metaterrestrial crescendo of celestial genesis emerging into cosmic christened fruition … salve in submersion … wink blink lightning rod … a voila pursed lips reprise of inner outer peace … welcome home the one of all … ::

:: Pairings ::

:: Seven course sonic sampler in the scope of … somnambular with a signature twist of precocious ferocious … let’s trance :

· ·

Rhyme Cellar : Mischief of a Sleepwalker (Live Encore) : Pair’d Playlist :: · “Sleep to Dream” – Fiona Apple · · “Distractionz” – Basement Jaxx · · “Bedtime Story” (Orbital Mix) – Madonna · · “Mischief of a Sleepwalker” (Encore) – STS9 · · “Reminder” (Live) – Moderat · · “Unfinished Sympathy” (Live) – Massive Attack · · “A Beautiful Mine” – Aceyalone & RJD2 ·

· ·

fiona miss chieftess sleepwalker apple … felt like a sensible way to usher in the post-curfew playlistic stylings of our bedhead brigade … with the mantra musings of a canon renegade lyrical maestra … “got my feet on the ground and i don’t go to Sleep To Dream” — the effectual “but i’m not tired!” wrapped in “i was born at night, not last night” of 90s alt. rock – how mischievous said slumber skipping tendencies! … onward … basssssssse, ment, jaaaaaaaxx …

Distractionz … is just but beautiful … first off, it feels like a warm glass of lullaby for your brain wrapped in an eider down quilt on your ear drums … it channels aboriginal dreamtime escapade exhuming sapient whimsy of benign trickster deity tempo … it just felt aligned … onward …

Bedtime Story

Let’s get unconscious, honey
Let’s get unconscious

Words are useless, especially sentences
They don’t stand for anything
How could they explain how I feel

I’m traveling
Leaving logic and reason

I’m gonna relax
In the arms of unconsciousness

(shock of all shocks, surprise surprise — groundbreaking, etc.) we all ready knew … more a matter of when, where, and which, rather than if … anyhaps, i think the orbital mix, at this juncture, has possibly hit parity with the studio cut as canon version of said record … it just embodies the track’s conceptual mood mind — for me, at least … it edifies the supersubliminal metaphysical cognitive physiology of drifting along the nocturnal consciousness event horizon … the intellectual dance structure adds a certain dimension to those signature music of the mind control lyrics … something ambien personified, something suggesting not requesting this shift in consciousness … and again, with the manifest mischief, but strong emphasis on recognized ambivalence in context of some unidentified sense of one’s transient condition as enigmatic unto said self … i don’t know, can’t quite explain … and, of the course, said rune would prelude bookend our nominative tune … anyhaps, onward

moniker titular center stage signature piece, Mischief Of A Sleepwalker, encore live in vegas … huzzahs abound … onward, vanguard …

moderat’s Reminder from the Live album … keeping in stride with electroterrestrial livetronica sonic spacial plane … akin to most – if not all – selections aforementioned, this one’s fundamentally slated on account of symbiotic frequency / auric symmetry to the featured signaturepiece … and, then working backward into some more logical inspociation, lyrically (a. the lucent precision in rhythmic aphorism here, just, beifall) a sleepwalker’s heretofore mischief matures into a self-reflective social reckoning of sorts …

I dance in the halls of the newly insane
And pray to a god that is vacant again

Dark is the shadow Filled with prejudice no pride
Worn out unwelcome His truth birthing lies

A whisper now speaks What words used to say
Fallen from grace Luster this way

the sleepwalker here, though, as shell-of-a-former-animate dreamweaving comrade going through motions of a state-of-the-modern-zombified commodity … or something to said general effect … a denizen dazed on the clock at the distraction factory … idk, it made sense in my head … onward

massive attack’s Unfinished Sympathy … honestly, this one just segued so right from its predecessor … and maintained its sequential prowess as scenic underscore within our somnambular setlist … the long and short: it vibed with valiance as penultimate opus moment … and “unfinished sympathy:” just self-necessitating resonance … onward

aceyalone, rjd2: A Beautiful Mine … this one always felt lucid dreamlike observations on how to maneuver waking life … a sonic ethnography establishing empirical alternatives to a psychologically malleable plane of reality … said plane being the shown world and its status quo consensus … the tempo feels perpetual counterpoint of the infinite query in and of assumed actuality … aural abstraction of the cerebral concrete … the diamond mine of a bewitching mind … the phrenic minefield that is said realm … or something to said conceptual effect … and in the wake of our remvolutionary meridian … descending from cumulonimbus piers, in distant echoes, the pitter patter of a mischievous insomniac’s dreamtime caprice … ::

:: Impressions ::

:: First and lasting impressions on this one … first impression (way in the back when days of a transplanted high school freshman), a certain curiosity … the studio version sonic aesthetic was very much indicative / evocative [?] of its contextual conceptual “offered schematics suggesting peace” referential frame … calculated, precise, syncopated, synthesized … but aspirational, in the sense of developing and crafting this formula in order to establish some connection with the otherworldly … that sense of building a crystal grid radio, if only to moonshot a fleeting chance at home phoning e.t. … or makeshifting an interplanetary party line … developing a sound tribe dreamtime play place’s intersectional instrumental star-gate … or something within the general capacity therein …

but, and / so, fast forwarding two decades and change later … pivoting into the sensory spectacle of this composition given the live encore treatment … again, at the brooklyn bowl … in the vegas desert … up out over above and beyond … and that much more deeply resonant beneath and within … lasting impression on the reintroduction … renaissance … revelation … that genuine interconnection through exchanged expression of human spirit … it’s generative … it breathes … it bridges perceptual dimensions of individual experience in its active presence enacted …

i suppose, in not so many words … it just registers earthen seraphim hymnal transcendental … somewhere in the receptor’s akashic records … and for the sake of cyclical, a rewind remind of said encore’s embryonic genesis … en scene ::

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