Rhyme Cellar, v. 10 : “No Ordinary Love” (2000)

On and on, ward ever upward … rhyme cellar, verse the ten-spin … into a most deft tonal cover of sade’s eminent homage to eccentric fidelity … ayọ ni o — enjoi

No Ordinary Love” (Cover) — Deftones (Change [In The House Of Flies] — Single, 2000 ; B-Sides & Rarities, 2005)

Writers : Sade Adu, Stuart Matthewman · · Producers : Sade

Artist : Deftones, Jonah Matranga
Vintage : 2000 ; 2005
Album : Change [In The House Of Flies] ; B-Sides & Rarities
Label : Maverick
Region : West Hollywood ; Sausalito, California, United States
Varietal / Blend : Rock / Alt. Metal

:: Primer ::

:: This one … in a way, this rhyme rounds a proper genesis orbit cycle, boomerang bethink to this very bar’s very first post episodic … said inaugural pop shelf canon terset closed out the last call with a potent puissant double play — namely, deftones’ Change [In The House Of Flies] and sade’s By Your Side (Neptunes Remix) … and just like that, a voila! said balladeering bards and bardess’ ricochet return … so, all of that extended pretense is to foray into this tenth installment’s feature tune : No Ordinary Love … ::

:: On the Palatte · Profile ::

:: On the front … vulcanized vapors ease into sade’s signature bassline bathed in mellow metallurgy of deftone density … limber percussion levels a boreal backdrop enveloping one’s nocturnal stroll beneath lunar canopies of newfound solitude’s frost-minted grove … and so, chiephaestus moreno’s hypnotic hush brings the universal mythology of certain adoration’s abnormality to this coven listenership’s deep niche consciousness …

I gave you all the love I got
I gave you more than I could give

I gave you love

I gave you all that I had inside
And you took my love

You took my love

… on the mid-palatte, incubus echoes beneath compass moreno … atmospheric expound alight distant rhythms of bronze barrels … the sheer magnitude in deceptive minimalism … silhouettes converge in harmonic reciprocity of fleeting fidelity …

Didn’t I tell you what I believe

Did somebody say that
A love like ours won’t last

Didn’t I give you all that I got to
Give, babe

bittersweet symphonies, a lux aeterna’s lyrical record plight of twin ships static signaling through the night … somewhere, in a far cry elsewhere, cold sweat fever pitch surfaces in the track dialect of riff voltaic … lucid lightning strikes in limbo … where coppice falls unrequited if only to reconcile the sound …

I keep trying
I keep trying for you
There’s nothing like, you and I

Keep crying for you
Keep trying for you
Keep crying for you

on the finish … it feels like treading halfway between purgatory and the river styx, buoyed by a lullaby ode to heno’s niagara fallen maid of the mist … the rhythmic suspense on that chimera bridge … the gravity in that tonal tundra … it tastes like beluga neat, pulled and poured direct from a siberian spring, served in an obsidian lowball rocks glass with six pomegranate seeds at the base — gelid … the fade feels requiem of the vulcan venusian … cosmic gravity of ersatz matrimony, basking in the pendulum caprice of martian tears … ::

:: Pairings ::

:: Tempos served tapas style … this seven course sonic sampling pairs in the general palatte realm of … ethereal endocrine-induced piques and vales of love’s tumult in fluctuating hues of rhapsodic tunes … and, of the course, in logical sequence from our moniker motif’s bedrock underscore … descants and dirges in the dichotomous oeuvretone of certain adoration’s exigent abnormality :

· ·

Rhyme Cellar : No Ordinary Love : Pair’d Playlist :: · “Toxic” – Yael Naïm · · “No Ordinary Love” – Sade · · “No Ordinary Love” (Cover) – Deftones · · “Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)/Sunday Bloody Sunday” (Live at Glastonbury 2008) – Jay-Z · · “No Friend” – Paramore · · “Beggin’” – Madcon · · “The Distance” – Cake ·

· ·

… and so, we commence on the reupholstered vintage currents of an aught pop echelon standard … yael naïm’s Toxic coverage … experiential experimentation somewhere along the frequency of steampunk minimalist in charlotte’s cadence web of verse … just, masterful, the effortless precision on that lyrical linger … and so, from said cover to another’s mother, sample the second …

sade’s signaturepiece canon seed … and what a glorious origin story … the strident certainty and simultaneous subtlety of an understated and undeterred feminine frondeur … in immediate retrospect, there’s something undercurrent sistren about the drum feel in and of said opening tandem … yael and sade vibe in a finespun synchrony … just a smooth chanteuse ministry flow … onward … deviating from our de facto standard on the arrangement here, slating the centerpiece just penultimate of its usual center stage placement … no particular reason, it just felt more harmoniously aligned …

mirror mirror, mother to cover plot pivot, No Ordinary Love — the b-side rarity … onward, rune the next … from deftones’ obsidian-laced reimagining to hov’s glastonbury-toned opus ode a la love’s absence amidst a backdrop metropolis void of copacetic soul …

Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)/Sunday, Bloody Sunday … this take, in all its across the pond prowess … felt cardiac attest … the anomaly defining veneration in this immediate context … rooted in the bleeding heart vulnerability of a sinner’s sabbath … or something to said effect … the texture alone … just … routed … onward …

whew … paramore’s No Friend … aaron weiss, man … on the whole, this record registers depths buried across eventide’s most nocturnal abyss … the captured key’s visceral texture of ataxian human entropy … paramount … the echo and essence of inordinate adulation exists in its genesis element here … onward … from

I feel like the man in the story … Who saw a bear floating in the river and thought it was a fur coat … Twelve years ago, I stood on the shore … And jumped in and grabbed the coat … The river was rushing toward a waterfall … And, and my friend stood at the shore and shouted to let go of the coat and swim back to land … I let go of the coat but the coat won’t let go of me …


… put your lovin’ hand out, baby ; I’m beggin’ …

… so dark the con of man, so natural said narrative progression … madcon’s Beggin’ … just fits in the scope of penultimate … with a scosh of doo-wop groove, and splash of rhythmic bodega blues flair to boot … onward …

Cake … bless up, yes — thus … it’s all a marathon … this whole itsness of * gestures broadly at proximal immediate * … insatiable … illogical … inspired … the immutable compass guiding gauntlet … the deceptive catalyst of that reluctant crouch into our monsieur patisserie’s relentless pursuit … breathe, stretch, pulse / heart rate, check, scene — and reprise ::

:: Impressions ::

:: First impression with this deep cut cover from a ways in the back when … felt very much in the realm of that turn of the aughts queen of the aaliyakasha record … that wrinkle in rhyme where somewhere in the undertone recesses of genre melanging estuaries … alt. metal maestroes and r&b chanteuses experimented with brakish beats and interwoven vocal stylings … i remember this one making palatte acquaintance on the definitive referential crest of deftones’ motley tunebox — particularly, white pony’s Passenger, and – in another cover cut from b-sides and rarities – their take on duran duran’s The Chauffer …

in 2001, this No Ordinary Love felt very much gotham vampire themotif music … likely on account of its queen of the damned feature … and from there, echoes of the rumor-milled aaliyah reznor studio sessions … so, needless to say, said introductory impression was quite: mood vibes of a freshman audiophile in gnostic apprenticeship’s wide-eyed everything-is-fascinating naive curiosity …

fast forward to the modern day … where that inner child’s genuine wonder remains … the merit and mettle, the marvel in sheer mastery of pure songwriting, is what resonates most deeply … revisiting sade’s discography, on the whole, reminds us of the prowess and precision of that prolific anthology … and that fundamental bodhi in the artisan craft of balladry … that technical dexterity presents a panorama of practical and profound possibilities for reinterpretation — on the merit of technical composition, as ironclad infrastructure — to truly reimagine and reify narrative resonance, to translate said record memory of an apparently disparate human experience … i don’t know, can’t quite explain … there’s just something about that alt. metal / r&b symphony … a certain element of baritone brooding in consonance with those signature rhythmic blues … a certain lunar tide bedrock …

but/and/anyhaps, onward … top-line lasting impression: the vulcan venusian / hephaestaphrodite subplot vibe frequency leveled up and out on the revisitation … quite marvelous that inherent mythosophical harmony … but/and, all of said rambling aside is just to say … for what it’s worth … impressions lingering in the legacy of nothing more, nor anything less, than a deep cut deftones cover to compliment, in supernal subterranean camaraderie, axiom record of bonafide caprician r&b royalty ::

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