On Tap : Weekly Special

On Tap : House Drafts

Vintage Reprise : Talk in Colour – Live at Floripa

So, for this house go ‘round, a rear-view (re)fresh mint spin from the archives … in the general couture sonic cocktail palatte realm of … auric colliderscopic … with that, and without further ado : talk in colour, debut album launch, live from floripa — the reprise innerview — and, as always, of the course : cheers … enjoi

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Rhyme Flight, Deck 2 : “M5”

Rhyme flight, deck the second … this one — fresh faces, familiar foundation … another slate from the terset crate … a tunage tetrad burgeoned from a freestyle mixwork conversession … assembled by roundabout way of serato beat per sixty sorting … and/so … without further pretensing ado … let’s spin this flight taste notation, in the conceptual realm of M5 — cheers and godspeed, enjoi

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Rhyme Flight, Deck 1 : “88 Back”

New cask, en tap: Rhyme Flight … akin to a wine flight — but rhythmic records … sort of a seasonal twist on the Rhyme Cellar … more elemental, less extensive — but fundamentally rooted in the sonic aesthetic essence … so, without further ado, let’s sip this spin and riff prosetic — godspeed, enjoi

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Vintage Reprise :: re:code.fm : La Roux’s La Roux

reprise the fifth finds us reminiscing a refined, yet robust, vintage in the realm of red head redemptive rebirthed cool … in conversession with an unforgettable late-aught synthpop debutante canon … with that, and without further ado: la roux … and and, as always, of the course : cheers — enjoi

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New Make Spin : RJD2’s “A Salute To Blood Bowl Legends”

so, bit of motley staccato stream of consciousness mood boarding here … riffing through the rubble, working through the wobble, experimenting on the whole with work tape in the medium of cerebral graffiti … just a salute to the arcade wire, crown coliseum … a retrofuturist spin on the decks of a delorean … tl;dr : just having fun with this one … and so with that, pour one up and out — enjoi

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Rhyme Cellar, v. 15 : “Acapella” (2010)

A(h, )capella … rhyming the cellar, cellaring the rhyme … semisweet chapter fifteen … where we muse upon verses in vellum tenor … a quinceañera in the lyrical lens of Acapella’s electro pisco pop sour scene … salud — enjoi

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