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On Tap : Weekly Special

New Make Spin : RJD2’s “A Salute To Blood Bowl Legends”

so, bit of motley staccato stream of consciousness mood boarding here … riffing through the rubble, working through the wobble, experimenting on the whole with work tape in the medium of cerebral graffiti … just a salute to the arcade wire, crown coliseum … a retrofuturist spin on the decks of a delorean … tl;dr : just having fun with this one … and so with that, pour one up and out — enjoi

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On Tap : House Drafts

Rhyme Cellar, v. 15 : “Acapella” (2010)

A(h, )capella … rhyming the cellar, cellaring the rhyme … semisweet chapter fifteen … where we muse upon verses in vellum tenor … a quinceañera in the lyrical lens of Acapella’s electro pisco pop sour scene … salud — enjoi

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Trackphorism : “Alaurosolaboros, in Verse”

rhythm :: evolution revolution, left out on the flight side of dovetailing hawkeyes with justice of the peace … godspeed, gilded cage coal mine guardian of the crimson corner pocket onyx goldenrod scene … the only way is onward ever upward … in deflyance of normative gravity . . . c/o obey giant

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New Make Spin : Róisín Murphy’s “Sow Into You”

and sow it grows … new make’s round three … say hi to lyrical soul … just down to get carried away … but there’s nothing left to say … except, how marvelous musetress murphy’s law of creation … maestra of this harvest symphonic seasonal manifestation … sláinte — enjoi

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Vintage Reprise : Spiceworld’s Never Give Up On the Good Times

Reprising the vintage, vintaging the reprise … and what a most charming spin, said revolution the thrice … spice force five on rotation station … so, colors of the world unite (if you like) for a brief bit of banter, causerie musing schoolyard daze of motley cruising … and – of the course, as always – a toast to the sublime experience of music in this life: cheers … enjoi

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