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New Make Reprise : Clockwork Orchestra’s “Mummer”

parallel pivot our new make into the realm of reprise … one part vintage (a proper crate dig pull), one part new make spin (musings in / of a first spin on the sonic blink), a voila! new make reprise … so, this tune’s … a bit more on the obscure side, but for the sake of a share in the cadence of pop uncommon … take a sip and spin a spell — cheers : enjoi

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Rhyme Flight, Deck 9 : “Existential Caprice”

So … rhyme flight the ninth … cloud world lifted and groove kin gifted … this one spins in the circa scope of 121bpm … vibing in the frequency feel of … ruminations conjured and biorhythms revisited amidst intermissions of an apparently capricious existence … or something to said general effectual … and/so, as always, of the course, a toast to said life’s presence : godspeed, enjoi

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Rhyme Flight, Deck 8 : “Chrysalis Gate 38”

So … flight deck the eighth … this one vibes, akin to a play in the rhyme of, sui generis sovereignty … so to lede, and with that breviloquent prelude, and without further ado … let’s toast to the rhythmic spice of this signature life, and sip said spin : godspeed, enjoi

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Rhyme Flight, Deck 7 : “Vanguard 71”

This whimsical cavalcade, spinning in the proximity of … 71 beats per sixty … echoing something … hidden kinship camaraderie … something avante alee intended for the imminent future age brigade … but/and so anyhaps, with that and without further ado … vanguard 71 rhyme flight crew : godspeed, enjoi

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Rhyme Flight, Deck 6 : “Valley Cast”

rhyme flight, deck the sixth (the time, how it flies … the light years, how we travel) … casting our sights and senses upon the silhouetted vales of a versichromatic soundboard’s signature repertoire — let’s sift said sampling : godspeed, enjoi

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